[HOURGLASS WORKOUT] This Powerful Ab Exercise needs to be a part of your routine.

When it comes to workouts, I'm not really a big fan of intense ab exercises.  I fear developing a boxy waistline.  That's why I typically focus on fat burning and exercises that target the transverse abdominals.

If you're unfamiliar, the transverse are the core muscles that act as an inner corset.  The stronger they are, the more they pull the waistline inwards.  I first learned of these a couple of years ago and got serious.  My efforts paid off big time in the form of my slimmest waist ever!
strong core inspo.

One of the exercises that helped to create my perfect waistline is the myotatic crunch. It's a simple exercise that definitely sculpted my midsection.  I first learned of this technique in Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Body.  Tim and I share the same sentiment with regards to "preserving the hourglass." As such, he recommended a couple of moves that don't square out our middle area.

The myotatic crunch his one said exercise.   Tim recommends it because it utilizes a full range of motion.  This crunch "leverages the fully stretched position for a stronger contraction."  In his experience, "it didn't take 8 weeks to see a difference, it took three."

Tim's opinion is that "if you have to choose one [ab] exercise, then choose this one."  I completely agree.  This simple movement sets my abs on fire.  Days later I always feel the soreness deep within my core.

Check out this video to see the exercise demonstrated.

This move is so effective that you don't have to waste your time doing hundreds of crunches.  Just a few of these specialized crunches and you're abs will be burning.  Keep in mind that you still have to lower your overall body fat percentage in order to experience optimal results.  But start incorporating this into your workout now. So, as you burn fat, you already have strong core muscles awaiting you. This extended crunch can also be executed using an exercise ball or firm pillows.

For more examples of how to tighten your inner corset, check out The Ultimate Small Waist Routine.

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  1. Thanks for the firm pillows tip.

  2. New to your blog... oh my goodness! Is that picture of you? What an amazing waistline. I'm with you; I don't want boxy abs. I want a tiny, toned waistline. Talk about inspiring...

    1. Hi Daisy & welcome! That's not me in the pic, but I have been able to use the techniques/methods to really shrink my waist. You can see a pic of me if you search "Four ways I'll create a toned small waist." I have lots of other articles on helping to tighten the waist area aw well.

      Take care!


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