You won't need to be motivated if you can develop this.....

I absolutely love getting motivated.  My favorite sources of motivation usually come from listening to powerful talks or hearing about stories of others who were able to achieve their dreams.  Whatever the type of motivation, I'm all for it!

But here's the thing....I'm realizing that if I don't constantly refuel my motivation tank, I get uninspired. Soon, my behaviors shift.  Suddenly, I'm not taking action like before.  Once I realize what's happened, I seek out more motivation to reignite my feelings of wanting to take on the world!

Today, I realized that I've been doing it all wrong.....

The other day, I checked out an audio book from the library that I haven't listened to for years.  It's called Your Power to Create by Carolyn Myss.  I've listened to this book countless times in the past.  The book is recorded on two discs and, honestly, I only ever listen to the second disc.  Because, in the second CD, she reveals the true secret to the creation process.

Carolyn explains that the critical component to creating powerfully is self discipline.  Specifically, she refers to creation as a disciplined art.  Caroline then goes on to describe her incredible level of self discipline.

"I have a ferocious, iron discipline. I am disciplined like a warrior.  I am exactly like a warrior, I am relentless and there is no option when I have to do something....I am exactly like a warrior!  The difference is discipline, the difference is a willingness to do what is REQUIRED...Your power to create has everything to do with what are you willing to do."

The level of conviction in her voice as she said those words is undeniable.
Let's take a moment to create the distinction between discipline and motivation.
the general desire of someone to do something.
  1. the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

There is a real difference between the two.  Motivation is based on desire whereas discipline is the ability to take action regardless of feelings (or being in control of your feelings).  Discipline is doing what needs to be done even though you don't feel like it.

When I seek motivation, I am generating the desire that will hopefully move me into action.  But when I engage my self discipline, I am rewarded with the AFTER FEELING EFFECT. This is when you feel amazing after completing a task.  The reward comes from the completion of the action. When I rely on motivation, I'm creating that desire before the task.  It's still a good feeling but somewhat artificial.   I can think of quite a few projects that have been on my list for a while.  I thought I could motivate myself to do them but so far I haven't been successful.

But, if I practice the art of discipline, then I don't need to be motivated into action.  Discipline eventually solidifies into habit.  There are people who do not need to be motivated to work out, eat healthy, write every day, manage their time, etc.  Why? Because they first focused on developing their daily disciplines.  Discipline is a more powerful currency than motivation will ever be.

And, to be perfectly honest, self discipline actually is "easier" than taking motivated action because discipline is the single most effective tool to overcoming resistance.  Motivation requires you to develop a level of desire greater than the force of resistance pulling you from completing the task. This is why I haven't yet tackled those projects on my level of motivation isn't high enough. I've been using the wrong strategy.

Today, I shift my strategy to one that will actually work.

 Let's get laser focused on developing simple daily disciplines.  Select the behaviors that you will absolutely do without fail.  And practice consistent action despite your current emotions.


  1. Another great post :) One of the best things I've learned towards achieving my goals is that I will never "feel" like doing anything outside of my comfort zone. Motivation is nice but it's reliant on "feeling" inspired to do something, whereas self discipline is what really determines whether or not we'll see our goals through until the end.

  2. It's funny because, I just finished my therapy session & this was one of the issues we touched on. I'm always having to motivate myself to push me into accomplishing something. And having to depend on motivation has such a stronger possibility of failing you, because each time you use something to spark the flame, eventually it could die, then you're having to move on to the next. Discipline is much more fool-proof. Anyways, great post! These type are some of my favorites from you!

  3. Amazing post Nadege. As always :) It's fun that you mentioned Carolyn Myss. I have been watching some of her videos on youtube lately. This is my favorite one: (is the first lesson of an online course that she offers). It's about understanding our intuition! Not related to your post, but very good!


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