I'm almost too ashamed to say this, but I don't currently own a pair of boots.  The excuse I tell myself is that it doesn't really get that cold where I live.  For me, boots represented another method of staying warm in cold weather.  Yes, the are meant to help keep us warm, but they offer so much more than an additional layer of protection. A beautiful pair of boots have the ability to transform your entire look.

I've never really been tempted to step outside of my comfort zone and purchase boots until now.

The over the knee trend has finally brought me out of hiding.  There's something intriguing about the juxtaposition of the shorter top (or dress) and the ultra tall boot. It's magical.  Every time I see someone rocking a pair of full-length boots paired with a shorter length top, I do a double take.  The woman who sports this look is bold, super confident, and has amazing style.

Truth be told, I'm probably not yet ready to step out of the house in an oversized chunky sweater and over the knee boots.  But, I'd totally rock them with some black leggings or skinny jeans (like in the pic above).  Sometimes wearing leggings as pants doesn't look as put together as we would like.  But add a pair of boots and your casual look is instantly taken up several notches.

I'm actually quite shocked at how affordable some of these boots are.  They are definitely going on my wish list.


  1. I love boots with style but everybody is different and what works for one does not work for all. I think one way to pull off tights or leggings would be to wear a sweater dress with them and the boots. The dress is longer than a regular sweater but still short enough to pull off high boots and a twist of style that if a person doesn't like the mini look could still work for them.

  2. A lot of the OTK are super narrow. I would love to wear a pair, especially the Stuart Weitzman, but the way my athletic legs are set up, they are a no for me dawg.

  3. Stuart Weitzman is the kang of the otk. My favorite ways to wear them is 1) pencil skirt or a slim fitting jersey dress.


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