The Go-to Skin Treatment of Victoria Secret Super Models + How to replicate it at home.

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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show just wrapped up.  Usually, around this time, journalists scramble to interview the models to discuss their pre-fashion show beauty routine.

One of the long-standing traditions is for the supermodels to all receive oxygen facials.  Those of you who familiar with the blog know that oxygen facials are one of my favorite beauty treatments of all time.  When I treated myself to this celebrity beauty secret, my skin glowed for days.  It's no wonder why oxygen facials are considered a pre-requisite before their public appearances.

You guys know that I love experimenting with do-it-yourself (at home) versions of the most effective treatments. But, I haven't yet been able to replicate oxygen-facial-like results at home.  At least not yet. But I have stumbled upon a DIY process inspired by the infamous oxygen facial treatment.
The whole premise of these specialized facials is to infuse the skin with oxygen.  Oxygen is delivered to the skin using a device similar to an airbrush pen. There's also an exfoliation component to the facial as well.  I can do a decent job of exfoliating using a mild acid peel. Oxygen facials are notorious for their hydrating potential.  We can replicate this using a sheet mask. But what about the oxygen infusion?

Exposing the skin to pure oxygen may be beneficial to the cells.  When our cells don't receive enough oxygen, they die off.  If our skin is drenched in pure oxygen, we're simulating the effect of increased blood circulation. And increased circulation is the key to life.

I think I've found a low-tech alternative way to deliver oxygen directly to the face.  The method I speak of is known as the carbonated water facial.

In Japan & Korea, the carbonated water facial is quite commonplace.

The premise is that carbonated bubbles deliver oxygen directly to the skin.  The bubbles are also believed to scrub and stimulate the skin while purifying  the pores.  The actual method is simple.  Just mix equal parts of carbonated water and "normal water" in a bowl.  Some prefer to dunk their face in the water for a few seconds while allowing the bubbles to work their magic.  Others splash their skin with the sparkling water.
I've also heard great things about using carbonated water on the scalp.  Apparently, rinsing with carbonated water has a mild clarifying effect.  Again, the bubbles could have a stimulating effect on the scalp, helping to increase blood flow.  Increased blood supply to the scalp is so good for healthy hair growth.

This past summer, I spent lots of money purchasing countless cases of flavored carbonated water.  Now, I think I'm ready to graduate to owning an at-home water carbonation machine.  Not only will I enjoy drinking an endless supply of fruit-infused sparkling water, I'll also experiment with incorporating carbonated water into my beauty routine.

Once the sparkling water facial became popular a few brands developed products that we can use at home.  Basically, you add these powders to a bowl of plain water, and voila, you've created your very own oxygenated mineral spa water. From what I read online, the pre-packaged carbonated facial products are pretty strong. So if you have sensitive skin, better start with plain carbonated water and graduate to the specialized products if you like the results.

Here's the video she's referring to with before and after images of the scalp after using carbonated water.

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