This 3 Minute Video will show you how to Create Perfect Heatless Waves

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I've been taking full advantage of the lower humidity in recent months. This means lots of curly hairstyles that don't require heat to last all day.  Last week, I played around with setting my hair on large drinking straws and loved the result.  That day, I pretty much swore off flexi rods forever!

The next day, a video came into my life that reignited my love for flexi rods again.  Our nasty breakup lasted only 24 hours thanks to fate's divine intervention.

One look at the video's title and I knew I was in for a treat.  YouTuber NaturallyChea promised to show us how to achieve the perfect "heatless wand curls."  You might remember how I recently expressed my love for wand curls.  The end result is just so perfect.  Sometimes flexi rods are a hit or miss, but I can always count on my wand curls to come through for me.

Creating perfect waves (without heat) is now possible if you follow Chea's flexi rod technique.  Her tutorial is short and to the point.  To hold the curl, she uses Shea Moisture's Curl Mousse and Curls Blueberry Twist & Shout Cream.

Chea's technique is ultra precise as she rolls her hair around the rod.  Pay close attention to the movement of her wrists because that's a major key.   If you can master that motion, you can achieve the most beautiful flexi rod waves of all time.  I've applied her technique and loved the results.

Check it out.

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