[FOTD] The Glossy Nude.

Fall & Winter typically means reaching for darker hued lip colors & shadows.  It's one of those long-standing traditions that have been around forever.  Lately though, I've found myself steering away from ultra matte looks. The brisk air is already hard at work, drying out our skin, why would we want to apply makeup that makes us appear even more dehydrated?

Instead, I'd rather create some balance.  Right now, our oil production is down thanks to cooler temps which means that we can absolutely nail a matte face.  From there, we can really bring our best faces forward by adding strategic "glow points"  in certain areas.  Combined, you create an elevated version of the no-makeup look.

The Glossy Nude face is simple.  You pair a matte skin with glossy nude lips.   Instead of using a nude shade of lipstick, experiment with applying foundation over your lip then finishing with a clear gloss or your favorite lip balm.  Try lining your lips ever so lightly if the foundation is too much of a match. What makes your nude lips pop even more is the application of a little highlighter on your cupid's bow.  I also create a similar effect by pressing the lips together & bringing my lower lip just slightly over the upper lip so a little gloss covers the cupid's bow.
With the eyes, you have several options.  You can choose to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes or you opt to play around with a glossy lid.  The glossy lid brings out your eyes in the most subtle way.  Again, play around with it.  I just focus on my lower lid but this look can work on the entire lid.  Feel free to add a little bit of color for a more dramatic look.

The Glossy Nude is my new favorite thing.  It's so easy to recreate and doesn't require much time.  Start with a matte face and focus on the highlights.   If you want to experiment with this look, you can check out various Face Gloss brands on the market.  Yes, face gloss is a real thing.   It's colorless glow and you apply it to the high points of your cheeks for a ultra-natural highlight.  Another wonderful aspect of this look is that it doesn't require lots of steps.  I can carry a tube of my favorite lip balm and I'm set for the day.

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