I finally tracked down Karrueche Tran's Facial Mask Made of Gold

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My original purpose for following Karrueche Tran on SnapChat was so I could be ready and waiting if she ever decided to spill a beauty secret.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen any reveals taking place.  But, as luck would have it, I happened upon a random pic of Karrueche wearing what appears to be some type of gold facial mask.
With no caption readily available, I had to go on the hunt.  It wasn't long before I  identified the mystery facial mask in question.
Based on my non-professional opinion, Karrueche is wearing Peter Roth Thomas' 24k Luxury Lifting and Firming Mask.  I could be wrong but based on the looks of it, I feel really good about my guess.  Not long ago I uncovered a silver firming mask thanks to the help of a Victoria's Secret Supermodel.  Now I find myself questioning whether masks made a gold are on the next level.

And when I say "masks made of gold," I'm being 100% serious.  This mask actually contains colloidal gold specks which are teeny tiny particles of gold suspended in a liquid.  Sounds fancy, right? But are there any real benefits to applying a gold infused mask on your face or is it more of a marketing ploy?

As I browsed over the reviews, I noticed a few disappointed customers who didn't experience any lifting as a result of using this mask.  They purchased this mask in hopes of experiencing an immediate lifting and firming effect.  But that's not exactly the case.  You see, colloidal gold is a powerhouse for dealing with inflammation. As such, doctors use this ingredient to treat arthritis and joint pain.  Theoretically, the anti-inflammation properties also work to slow down the breakdown of collagen.  So the potential firming benefits aren't an instant result, it's possible through consistent use.
Instead of a "lifting effect," if appears that this gold peeling mask provides more of a plumping and softening effect.  That's what most people rave about the mask have to say.  Almost everyone agrees that this golden mask does brighten the skin & gives it a nice glow.  It totally makes sense that Karrueche would love this mask because this girl loves sporting glowing skin.

Peter Thomas Roth has this mask set where you get to indulge in 5 of their best selling masks for one fixed price.  I'm really tempted because it also includes an enzyme and a couple hydrating gel masks. Who am I kidding? I'll probably buy it before the month ends.  I've finally started slapping on a mask when I'm bored or working on something and my skin is really starting to thank me for it. This Mask-A-Holic Kit is right up my alley.

p.s.  Days after writing this post, I happened to hop on Karrueche's SnapChat and, much to my surprise, there she was wearing the infamous gold mask just hours before hosting the Golden Globes Awards Show tonight.   This must be her holy grail mask if that's what she chose to use before going on national t.v. in front of millions of viewers.   She also appears to be wearing some sort of lip mask.  And as soon as I know that is, I'll let y'all know.


  1. hi, while i havent tried the gold mask nor the charcoal mask, I can let you know that the other PTR masks are amazing. The pumpkin enzyme mask will have your skin tingling in minutes!

  2. Never tried the PTR gold mask but the Premium Gold Mask from SHANGPREE is amazing!!!

  3. I think Karrueche was wearing the KNC Collagen infused lip mask. You can find it here https://kncbeauty.com/products/all-natural-collagen-infused-lip-mask. 😉


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