3 Reasons Why You Should Trim Before Summer

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A couple years ago I instituted the micro trimming process into my hair journey.  Basically, I trim minuscule amounts of hair on a monthly or every other month basis.  One positive benefit I've enjoyed from implementing this method is thicker ends overall.  Micro trimming has been really good to me.  So good that I've pretty much avoided having to do a mini-chop to salvage my ends.

While I'm grateful to have not suffered any major setbacks, I'm strongly considering doing a mini chop anyway.  I'm really trying to convince myself of why I should do a "pre-summer trim" and these are the reasons why I think it makes total sense.

In my mind, the most obvious motivation for trimming is for the aesthetics.  Hair always looks and feels amazing after a trim no matter how much damage it had beforehand.  In the winter we can get away with hiding undesirable ends, but in the summer, I actually want healthy looking hair.  The easiest way to instantly have healthy hair is to remove those lackluster ends.

Summer is all about glowing skin and cute outfits.  To bring everything together, we need our hair to be on point.

Another reason to favor my argument to trim now is because of our hair growth patterns.  As you may know,  hair growth rate starts to increase during spring and summer.  One thing that sometimes keeps me from trimming is missing out on length.  Trimming just before an annual growth spurt might be the perfect compromise.  We get to enjoy healthy hair while it grows back at a faster rate.  We'll barely even miss that length.  

The last and most powerful reason to trim pre-summer is for the retention possibilities.  Again, everything is about the timing.  Trimming our hair now means greater retention over the next 6-9 months.  You guys know this.  Notice how breakage practically comes to a complete stop after a decent trim?  Let's use that to our advantage.  Let's enjoy a summer where our hair looks amazingly healthy, as it grows faster, while retaining as much length as possible.

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