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Last fall I visited New York for a few days.  Whenever I travel to a major city, one thing I always do is keep an eye out for any emerging style trends that haven't yet reached the mainstream.  Sometimes I come back unsuccessful, but this visit was quite different.
Upon landing the first thing my friend and I did was head to a local Zara store.  While she tried on a mountain of clothes, I sat back and went into observation mode.  Before leaving the store, I already picked up on the presence of several jewel-toned pleated skirts available for purchase.

I took a mental note.

Over the course of the next couple of days, I noticed several women hurrying through the city in ankle-length pleated skirts under their fall layers.  Although I wasn't really keen on the full-length skirt, the women wearing them did stand out.  Since then, I haven't been able to get pleated skirts out of my mind.  Now that spring & summer is approaching, I'm convinced that the pleated skirt is a must have.
ASOS Pleated Skirt
When you move, the skirt flows. It's easy, effortless and timeless.  I've seen these skirts styled several ways.  In my opinion, they work well when paired with a light cami or tank top.  The cami + pleat combination is a perfect outfit choice for those sweltering summers days (or nights).  It's also a great date night option.

One of the most attractive aspects of the pleated skirt is the diversity in options.  There are an infinite variety of lengths, colors and pleat sizes.  Best of all, few women have this fashion item in their wardrobe so if you wear one to a function, you'll be sure to stand out.  To me, this classifies the pleated skirt as a true statement piece.

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