Albert Einstein's Visualization Process Gave Me Crazy Powerful Results.

Since it's Monday,  I wanted to kick off another week of experimentation.  To ensure that I have a powerful week, I decided to continue my practice of visualization.  But instead of doing it in a haphazard way, I wanted to create a definite process.

My mind isn't really wired to create clear pictures.  Some people are fortunate enough to easily visualize whatever they want.  If you're one of those people, please put that gift into practice as frequently as possible.  I struggle with it.  I struggle with figuring out what to picture. I struggle with making it seem real and believable.  I struggle with staying focused and not allowing my mind to wander to other topics.

But I think I have a technique that just might help me overcome all of these obstacles
Napoleon Hill, in his book Think & Grow Rich, urged us to constantly use our power of imagination in our goal creation process.  The more we imagine, the clearer the image becomes.  So this week, I'll imagine myself having a conversation in the near future (2-3 months) from now.

In that conversation, I'll speak in detail about my current circumstance which will consist of what I want to achieve within the next 60-90 days.  I'll speak in present tense using full and vivid detail as if it already happened.    Basically, I'll imagine that someone asking me how my life is going. But instead of simply saying "I'm good,"  I'll respond with incredible detail.  This technique is very promising for several reasons:

1.  It's easier for me to visualize myself talking about my ideal outcomes versus picturing the actual outcome.

2.  Keeping the timeline to around 2-3 months helps me to stay focused on what's realistically possible in that amount of time.

3.  Using the scenario of the future me talking about her current life helps me to incorporate an important aspect of reality creation --- powerful emotions.

This premise of describing ideal scenarios is inspired by a technique known as Image Streaming.   Image streaming (IS) is basically a verbal visualization process that incorporates crazy levels of detail.  Image streaming was inspired by Albert Einstein's method that helped him to discover the theory of relativity.

IS requires us to use our 5 senses in our visualization process.

So if you were describing your ideal beach getaway, you'll go into detail about the smell of the ocean air. The sound of the seagulls and waves crashing. How the sun's rays feel against your skin.  The sand between your toes. The temperature of your fruity drink as you take a sip.  How you feel at that very moment having finally experienced the vacation you've wanted for so long.  The more details, the better.

I first learned of image streaming back in 2008.  This was just before I started a new job.  As soon as I learned that image streaming existed, I gave it shot.  They suggested that you record your verbal visualizations and listen to it at a later time. In my first stream, I imagined being in a luxury hotel room on a beach.  I described as much as I could in painstaking detail. One thing I remember was picturing myself looking through a window facing the beach.  These large windows were covered in sheer white window dressing that flowed as the breeze flew in.

I kid you not.  Within a month or less, my new employer invited me to a company outing on the beach.  The room they secured was a high-end hotel with premium views.  When I walked in, the first thing my eyes landed on were the sheer window dressings and the beach view that I had so clearly seen in my vision.

I was shook.

In fact, I recall recording a short video on my phone of the room as a testament to how much this room mirrored my mental image.  Another time that I employed a variation of IS was to manifest my first work from home job.  On the way to work, I decided to audibly recite my goodbye speech to my co-workers.  I gave that speech with such conviction that it felt incredibly real.  Blood was racing through my body.  I was filled with elation and anticipation as I described my new position (even though it didn't exist).  Months later, I was interviewing for what would be my first job that gave me the taste of freedom.

 I'm not saying that image streaming will make every visualization come true, but it does enhance the clarity of your picture by 100% + it helps you generate intense emotions & feelings because the scenario feels so real.   These are the critical components of activating the law of attraction.  Technically, IS isn't really a law of attraction technique, it's more suited for creative visualization and complex problem-solving.  But I saw the potential in applying to manifesting and it's worked really well for me.


  1. I love this article. Keep up the good work girlie!

  2. I've been trying to work on my visualisation process for what seems like forever. I've always struggled because I easily get distracted eventhough I've got a very vivid imagination. There are a few things that I would love to manifest and one of them is not within my control. I'm going to try the IS technique and hopefully report back to you in a few months on the positive outcome :)

    1. Try it! It's powerful. The first time I did it, I sat in a dark room with my eyes closed (early in the morning). By the time I was done, I had chills. It makes the visualization process so much more potent.


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