Clarisonic has entered the Anti-Aging Game with this Product Penetrating Facial Massager

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I'm huge fan of facial devices.  Currently, I have quite an extensive collection of various types of facial tools. we ever own enough?
I thought I was good until I learned that Clarisonic has thrown its hat into the ring.  In 217, they launched a firming massage head.  This makes so much sense.  Within seconds, your deep cleansing Clarisonic brush can transform into a facial toning powerhouse.  Best of all, the price is pretty reasonable if you already have the device sitting in your bathroom. If you don't already own a Clarisonic, fear not, they're having a spring sale which could save you a ton.

When I first heard the device existed, I immediately rushed to the website to learn more.  Little did I know that Clarisonic would come through with actual before and after pics depicting the potential of their massager.

After 12 weeks of use, this woman's jawline is actually reemerging.   This 12-week transformation is quite inspiring but what I'm really interested in is preventing the sagging that comes with age.  I'm all about keeping the skin and muscles toned and firm rather than trying to reverse it.   The fact that they even did a 12-week study was impressive because they're implying real results are actually possible.

Clarisonic published a video of the device in use.  I couldn't really tell if the brush head actually oscillates or if it just vibrates.  But what I do know is that the massager also doubles as a "product penetrator" of sorts.  According to the claims, this magical brush head "boosts the absorption of your daily skin care products."  

After deep cleansing using Clarisonic's powerful brush, you simply switch heads and begin massaging your favorite serum/moisturizer deeply into the skin.  Take a look at the process in action.

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