Essential Beauty Items that Should Be in Your Car

It's officially spring.  I love bringing in the new season by removing clutter, writing down new goals and such.  One idea that popped into my head is putting together a little kit of essentials to keep in my car.

It's gonna get really hot in my state really soon, and that's a huge factor in what items I keep in the car. Warm temperatures can destroy perfectly good products and I don't want that.  But there are still some essentials I want to keep on hand in the case of emergencies.
Cleansing Wipes
The first beauty essential that came to mind are cleansing wipes.  When it's hot out, makeup removal wipes can easily double as mid-day refresher sheets.  Back in the day, I'd remove sweat with napkins but makeup wipes are far more superior.   They don't just remove the dampness, they also collect the dirt or anything else contained in our sweat leaving us feeling fresh for the rest of the afternoon.  The only concern is making sure to seal the package properly so the sheets stay nice and moist.

Hair Accessories
It never fails, I leave the house with my hair looking decent, 2.5 minutes later, humidity has ruined my life.  Worse yet, I have no hair supplies on hand to salvage what's left of the original hair style.  Not to mention how many times that my hair has popped rubber ponytail holders leaving me with absolutely no backup. This has to stop.  From now on, my vehicle will have necessary hair supplies like pins, extra hair ties, a tiny size bottle of product and possibly a satin scarf.  Back in the day, I would keep my hair tied down, (if I had a long drive) until I arrived at my destination.  By the time I got there, my hair was soft, moisturized and was protected from the UV rays.

Sun Protection
Speaking of UV rays. This year I'm going to experiment with an SPF facial spray that I can easily apply without impacting my makeup.  There have been countless times when I've left the house for an afternoon walk realizing that I'm not wearing any sunscreen.  Keeping an SPF facial spray in the car would be quite handy.  Instead of walking back in the house, I can quickly mist and know that my skin is protected.

The only makeup I think I'll keep in the car is a liquid lipstick or gloss (because I don't have to worry about it melting) and possibly a foundation stick.  Since the stick isn't a liquid, I don't have to concern myself with it getting too hot or spilling in the car.  And, if my foundation coverage wears off, I can touch up with a stick in a few seconds.  The last makeup item I'm considering to keep in the car is a coverage or illuminating powder.   Something like MAC's mineral skinfinish or NYX's powder foundation.  Just need to have something convenient to take away shine.  Blotting sheets don't really work all that well for me so they make a suitable alternative.

Let's not forget the other essentials like lotion and a small bottle of fragrance.

I know that many of these items can easily be carried in your bag but if you're someone who switches bags a lot, this makes it a bit easier.  Let's not forget the times when you're rocking a clutch with little room to fit anything else besides your cell phone and wallet.

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