If You're Serious About Hydrated Skin, You'll Definitely Want This Beauty Gadget

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As I grow older, one thing I need to be really obsessive about is the moisture level of my skin.  I'm one of those people who have naturally oily skin.  Sometimes we oily girls don't moisturize adequately because we think our skin doesn't need it.  This way of thinking is flawed and only perpetuates the problem of dry skin.

 I've had professionals look at my skin up close and tell me that I need to focus more on moisturizing.  But I don't really listen.  I've done stuff like buying various facial mists and making sure there's always a humidifier nearby.  But I don't really take topical skin moisturization all that seriously.

Yesterday, something happened that changed all of that.
A young lady shared an Instagram story that featured her getting her external skin moisture levels tested.  There she was, sitting patiently as someone held a skin analyzer to her face.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Someone actually invented a tool that can measure the hydration levels of your skin. 

It works by sending an undetectable electrical current through your skin.  That current then travels back into the device while measuring water content.  The more water contained in the skin, the faster the current travels back thus creating a higher moisture reading.  

Kiehl's offers this as a complimentary service when you visit their stores.  But after a little digging, I learned that they sell these nifty little gadgets on Amazon for under $20.00.  I want one badly.  Having one of these around will serve as a clear reminder to never neglect the moisture levels of my face.  After watching a few videos on how this moisture monitor works, I immediately grabbed a few of my neglected moisturizers and slathered on a thin layer.  

Instantly my skin looked and felt better.  Better isn't a strong enough word, my skin looked dewy and healthy.  I also noticed that my oil production seemed under control that day.  I guess the experts were right when they say that our skin sometimes over produces oil in an attempt to self-hydrate.  It can't produce water so it uses it's only available resource.  

  Once I have the moisture monitor in my possession, I plan on running a few experiments. 

 For instance:
1.) I want to test if drinking lots of water truly impacts the cells at the surface level. 
2.) I'll also use it to assess which of my products create the highest moisture readings.  
3.) I'm curious to see which moisturizer(s) maintain moisture levels on the skin the longest.  

This summer, my skin strategy will be very different.  Instead of avoiding moisturizer and layering with a bunch of mattifying products, I'll try to keep the skin cool and hydrated.  Hopefully, this will produce the dewy summer skin that I so dream of.  

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