The Process of Redefining Yourself As Who You Want to Be

Sometimes, when I'm having a conversation with someone, they'll describe themselves as having certain characteristics. In my mind I'm thinking, "you say that about yourself but your actions don't reflect it."

This weekend, I realize that I've been doing the same thing.

 After reviewing my list of priorities for this week, I noticed that most of the list is a continuation of things I haven't gotten done.  Worse yet, some have been lingering for months.  I like to think of myself as someone who takes action but, truth is, I've become an avid procrastinator.  

It wasn't always that way.  I actually was someone who took fast action.  But, over time, I created a new reality for myself.  I designed a reality where I operate as someone who continuously procrastinates. I take full responsibility because I know that it was my own doing.  
It started off innocently enough.  I'd create a list of things to do, complete some of it, and leave the most undesirable task uncompleted.  The next week, there would be 1-2 more tasks that I'd ignore.  Next thing I know, a new month began and I'd still be carrying around to-dos from a month ago.  

What I was doing was redefining myself.  Once I repeated an action so many times, it became easy to perpetuate it. When we do this on a regular basis, it becomes law.  Meaning it's a method of standard operation.  It's like we're writing new software for our behavior.   I had to be honest with myself and own up to what I've been doing.

 Awareness of what is happening is the beginning.  Now comes the real work.

I need to redefine how I operate.  First I need to get clear on who I want to be.  I want to, once again, be the type of person who burns through their to-do list. I wanna be fearless with how I handle priorities. 

 Today, I can choose to operate as the person I truly want to be. All it takes are just a few simple decisions that align with the ideal version of myself.  Then I do it again tomorrow and the next day.  Before I know it, the old programming will no longer run my life.  

The important thing to remember that we're flexible.  In the same way that our cells constantly renew themselves, we are always defining ourselves through our actions.  It's a fluid process.  That fluidity is where we have the power.  Redefining is phase 1.  This is where I alter undesirable behaviors.  Phase 2 begins the creation process where I implement new behaviors that align with who I want to be.  My brother likes to refer to it as the process of "becoming."  I will explore the idea of "becoming" sometime in the future.  But for now, I will enjoy redefining myself.  

Yesterday I behaved like an ultra-procrastinator, but today, I can operate with a high level of focus and clarity.  It's completely up to me.  


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