How to Truly Harness Your Ability to Create


Several weeks ago, I sat across the table from my brother. We were in his office, holding a mastermind meeting of sorts.  The topic of discussion was the present state of our businesses.  He shared his wins and his areas of focus for the remainder of the year.

When it was my turn to share, I talked about some of the great things that happened this year, but I also brought up the fact that I was experiencing a downturn in current results.  I came equipped with strategies and action plans to turn things around.  Weeks later, I'm happy to report that I've completely transformed the situation.  Month to date, I've doubled my results compared to the same period last month.

Let's talk about how I did it.
Years ago, I learned a principle so powerful that it changed my life.  Before applying this principle, I operated under an invisible ceiling in my business.  I generated a certain dollar amount in revenue and couldn't seem to grow it anymore.

Then I learned (and applied) a teaching that worked so extraordinarily well for me that I couldn't believe it. 

Basically, I was reminded of how important our "state" is when we are in the process of creating.  What I mean by "state" is how you are mentally and energetically.  Creation only occurs when we're operating at a higher energetic state.

For instance, when I'm laying on the couch with the MacBook on my lap, I'm operating at a low energetic state, so I rarely create high-quality work.  But if I work at my desk or at an outdoor coffee shop, there is a shift in how I feel, therefore I am able to create at a different level.

If I'm trying to brainstorm new ideas, I find it much easier to do so while bouncing on my trampoline. Why?  Because there is a physical shift that occurs. The act of moving stimulates blood flow to the brain and I'm fully present.  Therefore, it becomes so much easier to create new ideas from this state.

  1. 1.
    the action or process of bringing something into existence.

Creation occurs when something that didn't exist before becomes real.  Typically, before something comes into existence, it's only a thought or a desire.  Thoughts are great but they have little impact on the real world unless we act upon them.  Hence creation will never occur without action.

I've mentioned before that not all action is created equal.  To become a Master Level Creator, we must be aware of, and utilize, the type of action that creates the most optimal results.  The secret to creating powerfully is in raising your vibration as you take your action.

So what does that mean?

It means that if I want to create something powerful, I focus on my state.  So when I decided to redirect my energy on my business, one of the first things I did was start meditating again. Why? Because meditating calms my minds and helps to quiet the doubting voice.  The doubting voice is the enemy of new action which is why I have to silence it.

I'm also aware that movement raises our vibration so whenever I want to create something new, I always incorporate regular physical activity into my routine.  It could be something as simple as a daily walk just as long as I am moving.

The next step is critical.  If you want to harness your power to create I give you one piece of advice:

"If you don't know what to do, do what you know need to do."

Most times, we use "I don't know what to do" as an excuse to stay in the state of inaction.  That's the worst thing you can do.  Even if you don't know where to start........start somewhere. I promise you that once you start, new ideas will flow to you that will direct your course in the right direction.  As a Master Level Creator, you have only 1 job, to move from a state of inaction, into one where action flows out of you.

After I left my brother's place, I went on a whirlwind of taking action. I acted on what I knew I had to do and focused on staying in a state of gratitude and positive expectation.  I can't pinpoint exactly what action created the results I'm enjoying now, but I give props to the process.  I don't judge whether I'm doing the right thing, I just make sure I'm doing something. Once I'm in the state of action, I can always course correct. But the key is to get moving.

Now that I'm seeing positive results, I'm going to layer on new experiences so I can continue to raise my vibration. 

I've been in a state of action for a couple of weeks and, as each new week begins, I challenge myself to add a NEW ACTION into the mix.  Because if I just repeat what I've done in the past, the results will eventually start to decline.  Taking it up a notch is what ensures that I continue to enjoy amazing results.

To summarize, creation only occurs when we bring our ideas into reality.  It's easier to create when we focus on raising our current vibration.  This happens when we are executing our feel-good ritual or when we are in motion.  Use your current actions as a springboard from which you can build upon.  Once you find yourself in a consistent state of action, add new actions so your results can be multiplied.

The end. 


  1. Jah knows I love this blog.

  2. thank you. Im not normally a super high frequency person, but lately my energy has been super low. According to my astrology "the sun is going into scorpio" which activiates my "house of rest", and that's why Im pooped all the time. I say the days are getting shorter, and this is a tough time of year. This article is a sign that its not just me!


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