Drink Warm Water & Enjoy These Beauty Benefits

This winter I worked really hard to maintain a consistent habit of drink warm tea each morning.  But once warm weather arrived, that routine quickly fell by the wayside.  Lately, I've replaced my morning tea with room temperature water.  So far, this routine has been working out well for me.  But, I've recently learned that there's a way to make my morning water routine even better.
I'm a huge fan of drinking room temperature water.  Anything cooler than room temp is hard for me to guzzle down.  Years ago, I met a co-worker for breakfast prior to heading to meetings.  That morning, I opted for a chilled green smoothie thinking that I was making a healthy choice.  My co-worker (who is of Asian descent) looked unapprovingly at my drink and said, "you're drinking something cold in the morning?" He then went on to explain that drinking cold beverages wasn't beneficial to the body.

His words of advice never left me but I didn't take the extra step to find out exactly what were the exact benefits of drinking warm water until now.  A lot of people believe that drinking hot/warm water can actually provide benefits beyond hydration alone.  Here are just a few potential benefits.

Improved Digestion
Most people who are into drinking warm water usually tend to consume their first cup as part of their morning routine.  Why? Because hot water first thing in the morning will help stimulate digestion.  Water is a huge digestive aid and you only enhance the benefits when the water is at a warmer temperature.  Heat tends to have activating qualities so when we drink our warm liquids, we wake our internal system up.
Anti Aging (Increased Circulation)
While looking into the benefits of hot water, I read some claims that hot water has anti-aging properties.  At first, I was a bit skeptical, but after giving it a little thought, I realized that there could be some validity to their claims.  Heat & warm jump starts our circulation.  Warm weather causes our blood to flow to the surface of the skin to activate our sweat glands.  All of that blood circulation is super beneficial to the body.  When there is adequate blood flow, life-giving oxygen and nutrients are also present.

Sometimes drinking a warm beverage causes us to break a sweat.  Sweating, as you know, is one of the most detoxifying processes of the body.  When we sweat, toxins are released and our body experiences a mini-cleanse.  That's why I'm an avid fan of regular sauna visits. I've read a few claims online of people who attribute drinking warm water as a reason why they look younger than their age.  I tried to find a logical reason for this and the conclusion that I came up with is that the increase in circulation & blood flow from drinking hot water could have something to do with it.   I believe that high circulation and blood flow is indeed the fountain of youth and this simple habit may be one way to promote beauty from the inside out.

Other people have stated that drinking water may also help treat breakouts.  This could also make sense.  We all know that drinking lots of water, in general, helps promote beautiful, healthy skin.  Imagine the additional benefit of drinking "activating" warm water for internal detox.  Your skin will absolutely benefit from this.

Oh, should I also mention how some have claimed that drinking hot water has helped them lose weight?

Check this out:

Drinking Warm Water is Brilliant for Losing Weight!!!

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New Bride
Hi everyone - really big tip for you all! 

A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to drinking warm boiled water instead of tea or coffee. I now drink about 6 cups during the day. Since I started I have lost nearly a stone (14 lbs) in weight, I never get water retention around my time of the month, never feel bloated, my skin has cleared up remarkably, and I feel so much more full of energy! 

Might be all in my head but I really really recommend that you try it. My friend drinks her's with some lemon in it if you don't fancy it on its own!!! 

PS - Best to let the water cool for half an hour or so before you try and drink it!!! 
Some websites claim that hot water flushes out fat.  I'm not sure if that's what's actually happening but I can see hot water stimulating our metabolism as the body attempts to regulate our internal temperatures.  Also if hot water activates our digestive system, that could lead to some weight loss as well.  I also notice that hot/warm water acts as a sort of a mild appetite suppressant, especially if I add a little lemon.  I imagine that drinking 6 cups of warm water daily would definitely have an impact on how much food this person ate.  I notice that when I drink hot water, my body seems to be occupied with processing the water so it wards off feelings of hunger for a little while. 
This is the first day of my warm water experiment.  I plan on drinking some in first thing in the morning and sometime before going off to sleep.  I know from past experience that consuming room temp water in the morning and in the evening have provided wonderful benefits. I can only imagine how that can be further enhanced by warming up the liquid slightly to possibly more internal benefits.  
Looking forward to it!

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  1. I usually drink warm or room temperature water simply because cold water is too much for me ha. while its refreshing if your outside in the heat during summer, if Im having a regular day indoors/at work/friends house, Im usually reaching for water thats not cold. glad theres some merit to it after all

  2. I used to drink warm water every morning and it really helped to clear up my skin! I've lost the habit recently, but I'm trying to get back into it!
    Aleeha xXx


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