Rave// The Product Line I'm Counting on to Even Out My Skin

Last year, I connected with a PR agency that sent me a bunch of products from the Body Shop.  I hadn't used Body Shop products in years so it was nice to get reacquainted.  The first set of gifts I received were a wide range of masks.  That was when I was first introduced to their Himalayan Charcoal mask which, in my opinion, is the perfect GlamGlow dupe.

Their masks were incredible but I wasn't expecting to fall completely in love with their vitamin C sunscreen.  It was the only sunscreen I owned that made my skin look better.  Once I squeezed the last bit of product from that tube, I immediately rushed to replace it.  Little did I know that the rest of their vitamin C line would completely steal my heart.
It just so happened that as I visited Body Shop's site to replenish my beloved C sunscreen, they were running a sale.  Immediately I began to stockpile my cart with various products from their vitamin C line.  Although I had no direct experience with these products, I knew in my heart that I would love them.

...and I was right.

I purchased the vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer and the Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion.  Actually, I purchased a couple of the microderm scrubs after being inspired by Leomie's daily exfoliation routine.  My plan was to add a little bit to my cleanser each morning to keep my skin smooth.  I kid you not, this product changed the look and feel of my skin within days.  I completely understand why it averaged 5 stars based on over 250 reviews. The exfoliant grains are ultra-tiny yet effective.  It even has some shea butter in there to help soothe and nourish. If my skin is perfectly flawless months from now, I can probably attribute it to this gem.

My other favorite find was their vitamin C moisturizer.  I love, love, love, this moisturizer.  After trying a bunch of Body Shop products over the course of the year, I came to the conclusion that they really understand know to formulate hydrating products.  They make gel-moisturizers which hydrate the skin in a superior way.  Cream moisturizers just can't compare.  Gel moisturizers are lightweight which means that you can layer a cream moisturizer on top if you feel the need. When I want to kick things up a notch, I lace this moisturizer with pure vitamin C using my tiny spatula.

Today, I plan on placing a second order since the products have further gone down in price and I'm deathly afraid that they might be discontinued.  This time I plan on trying out their vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel and maybe the vitamin C cleanser.  For those of you wondering why I'm so obsessed with their vitamin C line, it's because I've never used vitamin C as a strategy to target uneven skin tone. My acne scars are faint but still visible.  I'm betting on the combination of exfoliation and vitamin C to eliminate them for good!

p.s.  When I shared the products on my IG stories, I received a reply from a friend who recommended that I try their Ethiopian Honey Mask.  You guys know that I love a good honey mask, especially for winter. 

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