How the 60-Second Cleansing Rule is a Game Changer for All of Us.

Glowing Skin
Shortly after I wrote the article on transitioning to using acid-based cleansers, I received a comment that would change my entire mindset when it came to cleansing.   This is what the commenter shared:

My cleanser wasn't giving me glowing skin at first until I started using the 60second rule. You have to give yourself time to let your cleanser seep into your skin. Massage your cleanser into your face for 60 seconds then wash. 

This person had my fullest attention. Why had I never heard of this 60-second rule and what difference could this simple change make to my skin?

No less than 24 hours later, a post comes across my social media feed that sings the praises of the 60-second rule.  The post even included some convincing before and after photos that completely sold me of the potential power of the 60-second rule.

So now I'm hype and ready to see if a simple tweak in how I cleanse could have the power to transform my skin.  Although I don't typically have active breakouts, my skin tends to get really congested because everything is lurking below the surface.  Could my cleansing habits be the problem?

Immediately, I headed over to Youtube to seek out a video that explains the 60-second rule in detail. The young lady who's advocating the 60-second rule is an aesthetician who believes that we don't allow our cleansers to remain on the skin long enough to fully do its job.  By extending our cleansing session to a full minute, we can now allow the product to penetrate more deeply into the pores.  Once all of the dirt and oil are removed, we're left with skin that has the ability to reach its fullest potential.

Thankfully, Nai, created a video tutorial demonstrating the entire process.  She also explains that will work for every single skin of all, it's free!   What I love about the 60-second cleansing process is that we help to pass the time by massing the skin for the entire session.  You guys know that I am a facial massage zealot because it's so beneficial for stimulating blood flow and promoting a youthful glow.

This process is so simple that I don't really have to do much explaining.  The only word of caution that I want to mention is the "purging" that Nai talks about in her video.  Because the 60-second wash cleanses so deeply, some folks might experience breakouts as the skin attempts to rid itself of the toxins.  Nai assures us that this purging process is temporary and urges us to push through.  My bit of advise if you start to experience purging symptoms is to incorporate facial steaming into your routine to help fast forward the purging duration.  This is a theory I formulated based on my past experience with nasty breakouts.  Steaming regularly can make a difference.  Some of you who have dry skin may be wary of cleansing for so long.  If your skin is super dry after extended cleansing, I urge you to seek out an extra gentle cream-based cleanser then follow up with a nourishing toner or essence to bring moisture levels back to where they should be.  It's also a good excuse to break out a sheet mask to really amp up your glow.

Typically, I feel a little apprehension when just before the start of summer because I know that my skin will go haywire. But this cleansing routine might just be the solution to all of my problems.  It's a game changer for so many others and I'm hoping that it will be a game changer for me as well.

p.s. I'm still going to get my hands on an acid cleanser 'cause maybe an acid based cleanser + 60 second cleansing might help make all of my dreams come true. 

p.p.s Nai's favorite skin care tool for unclogging pores, according to her Instagram, is the Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber.  We are a big fan of that tool here at BelleMocha. If you aren't familiar with the merits of the Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber, be sure to check out this post.  


  1. This is my 4th day in a row using the 60 second rule, and I have seen a huge turn around in my skin. It's brighter, clearer, and is starting to glow.

    1. Same! I tell everyone about the 60 second rule because it's so effective.

  2. I gotta try this, I like trying quick things to see how they work.

  3. Ive been doing this for a couple of months now. It is effective. Especially when dealing with collagen cleansers, or some featured active ingredient. I usually lather up my face at the beginning of the shower, and then cleanse my body which usually takes 1-2 minutes. Then rinse the face. Ive noticed the improvement seems to be tighter smoother skin.


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