The 7 Day Experiment That Saved My Skin

Skin Care
I had such a great result the last time I did a 7-day experiment that I decided to do another one.  The inspiration for this challenge was two-fold.  First, there's road construction just outside my home which essentially turned my street into a dirt road.  Every time I step outside, I'm surrounded by dust. The second reason why I tried a new technique for 7 days was due to a revelation I received after watching a YouTube video.
In the video, a skin expert assessed the condition of a woman's face prior to a facial.  Immediately upon inspection, she advised the client that her cleansing practices were inadequate.  Visible blackheads on her nose we a telltale sign. After the full assessment, the facialists began the treatment.

The client laid patiently as the esthetician began a cleansing massage under a professional facial steamer.  To prep the skin for what was to come, she used an enzyme based cleanser to loosen up surface skin cells. This is known as the double exfoliation method .  If you haven't tried this technique, you're missing out.  
What resonated with me is that I've never had a facial done that didn't start off by steaming the skin.  If a steamer isn't available, they usually substitute with a warm, damp towel.  They never, ever just apply cleanser and rinse.  

Yet we do this every day.  

Are we really cleansing properly?

I have very active skin that tends to get congested.  If I don't cleanse well enough, my skin starts misbehaving.  I began to wonder if I'm doing a good enough job of cleansing.  What if I were to prepare my skin for te cleansing process by doing a little steam session prior to every wash? Would it make a difference?

I dusted off my ultra-fancy steamer and made it official.  For the next seven days,  I would steam for a couple of minutes prior to cleansing.  Doing so would hopefully open up the pores which would allow for a deeper cleanse.  I also hoped that steaming regularly would also cause or promote some mild exfoliation.  

Steaming loosens up clogged pores which is an essential step prior to professional extractions. I do a modified version of extractions by gently massaging the skin under the warm steam.  Anything near the surface comes out of the pores, making it easier to remove thanks to the Clarisonic or ultrasonic skin scrubber.  

This little 7-day experiment has now become a daily ritual.  The results have been too good not to keep up.  Overall, my skin looks smoother. I no longer have all that activity beneath the surface. My cleanser takes care of the dirt/oil on the skin but steamer works at a way deeper level.  Since implementing this additional step, I've experienced zero breakouts.  A pre-cleanse steam is now a vital part of my pre-summer skin detox.  

Although my skin loves a daily steam, you might only need to steam a few times a week. Or perhaps you utilize the warm towel method.  Do what your skin loves.  

Can't wait to start a new 7-day experiment.  


  1. So you steam after oil cleansing in the evening? And then use an enzyme based cleanser after the steaming?

    1. I sometimes will steam while oil cleansing. Meaning, I'll massage my skin with oil as the steam hits my face. Then I remove the oil with a cleanser or I'll sometimes scrub using an enzyme cleanser/face polish.

  2. I planning to go to the sauna 2xs a way. Lately I have been drinking 1 liter of water double cleansing with clear and clean daily oil control scrub then using watermolne seed oil as moisturiser. I have my eyes on white tea dexofying face mask to use weekly. I have been alternative day fasting to promote natural detox from sunset to sunrise with no food or drink. I'm looking into doing monthly wet cupping to go with Islamic lunar month. Exexcise wise I love swimming long distance daily walking lifting weights.

  3. wow really very good post..


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