How to Take Your Sheet Mask Routine to New Levels

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There was a time when I attempted to try the 7-day sheet mask challenge.  Although I put forth a valiant effort, things didn't quite work out.  Subconsciously there was some resistance.  After a little bit of self-exploration, I realized the source of my issues.

First, I struggled with having to throw away the sheet mask packet which still contained tons of product.  That's when I realized I had to come up with a way to salvage the rest of the hydrating serum.  Then I wanted to find a way to be more efficient while enjoying my mask. In a previous post, I talked about an inexpensive item that could solve all of my woes.
It took a while but I finally ordered a silicone sheet mask cover.  I heard some concerns about fit issues but took the plunge anyway because they were only a few bucks a pop.

Glad I did.

The silicon mask cover sat on my desk for a couple of weeks before I finally got around to trying it.  No, it didn't fit perfectly over my face but I made it work.  This handy little accessory does two things.

1.) It protects the moisture level of your sheet mask allowing it to stay damp longer.
2.) It gives you the freedom to complete various tasks while nourishing your skin.

I'm contemplating wearing one of these during a short afternoon nap to see if wearing the mask longer will create additional benefits.

 Definitely one of my favorite purchases.

So now I'm excited about sheet masks again.  I've decided that it's finally time to create an official sheet mask routine to get the most out of every experience.

To maximize the power of the sheet mask, we need to elevate its penetration potential.

We do this by prepping the skin to adequately absorb the moisture-rich serum.  Yesterday, prior to applying the mask, I opted for a quick exfoliation sessions using a mandelic acid peel.   Once I removed the sheet mask, I massaged in the remainder of the serum into my skin so it could finally evaporate.

I finally know the secret to creating naturally glowing skin.  All it takes is exfoliation and serious hydration.  After removing the layer of dull skin we hydrate the newly revealed skin cells. It's a simple two-step process with a big pay off.

Next time I mask, I'm going to add an additional step.

Back in December I randomly stumbled on an item that I never knew existed.  By happenstance, I discovered a handy little gadget that gently warms your sheet masks prior to application.  At first, I scoffed at the idea but then I remembered that heating the skin will open pores allowing for greater absorption.  At the very least, a warm mask helps to prevent the shock of putting a cold piece of cloth on your face.  Not sure if I'm getting one of these warmers yet.  Maybe I start by experimenting with steaming my skin prior to applying the mask and see how that goes.

All of these new developments have really solidified my commitment to sheet mask regularly again.  Looking forward to trying the 7-day challenge again.  This time, I mean business.

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  1. Instead of buying a warmer, boil a pot of water and remove from stove. Put the unopened mask in a zip-loc bag, seal it, and place it in the pot of hot water a few seconds. Although the warmer isn't expensive, it will prevent buying something that may get lost in a closet collecting dust. lol



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