[DIY] Sheet Mask In a Bottle for Ultra-Hydrated Skin at All Times

Last week, I felt the urge to apply a sheet mask. Ideally, the mask would saturate my parched skin with intense moisture as I researched random topics on my laptop.  But then I felt a slight sense of unease take over.  After a couple moments of reflection, I realized that what I was feeling was guilt for using the sheet mask then throwing all of that excess product away.

Most often, the sheet mask manufacturers are quite generous with how much product they include in each pouch.  Even after I apply a drippy sheet mask, I still have extra serum sitting at the bottom of the pouch.  In the past, I'd have to reluctantly throw it away.  But today is a new day because the solution to this problem has finally been revealed.
 Prior to receiving my epiphany, I spent a couple of weeks searching for a brand that sold "sheet mask serum" but without the actual mask.  I figured that I could skip the middle man and apply the gooey serum anytime my skin needed it.  I couldn't believe that no such product existed (at least not to my knowledge).  The closest thing I could find was a gel hydrating mask.

Finally, I pondered whether I could create my own version of "sheet mask in a bottle" by collecting the excess product into a serum bottle for later use.  This morning before heading out, I gave it a go.  After pulling out a mask, I examined the pouch for any remaining "essence."  Sure enough, there was.  

So I grabbed a little glass bottle with pump, screwed the top off, and proceeded to pour the collagen-based serum into the jar.  My jar holds about 2-4 ounces of product so it'll be a while before I fill it but there was enough serum in one packet for the pump draw out product.  This little glass bottle now sits on my office desk so while I'm working during the day, I can apply hydrating serum at will.  A bonus tip is to use the excess serum on other parts of the body like on your hands, neck, legs, and even your feet.  It's a great little DIY trick that will stretch your hard earned dollars even further.  

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  1. Yes!! Hateeee throwing away my extra essence, will def try an implement this


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