The Simple Makeup Trick that Helps You Get Rid of Resting Mean Face

Have you ever had someone tell you that you're much nicer than they expected? If so, then you're probably the victim of resting mean face.

You're one of those people that others automatically characterize as being unapproachable or having an attitude.  You're  unknowingly walking around with a look that says "please don't talk to me." Sometimes having "resting mean face" can be advantageous for those days when you don't want to be bothered.  But, who wants to walk around looking like that all of the time?
Appearing approachable is an asset. You never know who's looking at you from across the room waiting for a chance to say hello.

 Recently, while watching an everyday makeup tutorial,  the Youtuber shared her quick & easy technique for making it appear as if she's "smiling all the time." While applying her lip liner, she made sure to focus on the outer most corner of her mouth.  Ever so slightly, she added a tiny little "flick" that extended her lips outward.  The extension was so subtle, it was barely noticeable.

But at the same time, it was noticeable. 

It's sorta like a tiny little "cat eye" for the lips.  After watching her method, I realized that I never really paid attention to my lip corners.  From that day forward, I started making sure that I applied lip color all the way to the outer corners.  I noticed an immediate difference.  

Please keep in mind that there's a very fine line between highlighting your lip corners and looking like a 3 year-old did your lipstick.   Don't ever cross that line otherwise, you end up looking like you're wearing a Joker inspired lip.  No one wants that.  

If your mouth naturally curves downwards, there are things you can do to address that.  Tanaka Facial Massage has a technique that can help lift the corners of your mouth.  I've tried it myself and have found that it works pretty well.  If you do it once, the results are temporary, but if you make this massage a regular part of your routine, you'll regain that natural lift that once had.  

Try this out and see if it works for you

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