Project Summer Body is in Full Effect

As you look ahead to 2017, you might be envisioning yourself partaking in an exotic vacation this summer.  You've packed a collection of island wear that flatters your cute figure.   You're overcome by a feeling of pure bliss as you take new experiences, foods and memories that will last a lifetime.  You are excited!  But are you ready?

Every year I typically plan some type of getaway. It never fails, a month or so prior to leaving, I scramble to get my body ready.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes things don't work out the way I imagined.  But either way, I don't enjoy the process of having to work diligently to create short-term results.

This year, it's time to change up the strategy.

"The Project Summer Body" title is a little misleading.  The name implies that it's about working feverishly to obtain your ideal body by summer.  Yes, that's true but Project Summer Body is really about developing the habits that will easily allow you to achieve your weight goals.  Ideally, we employ these habits now.  By spring, we've begun to solidify those habit sand, by summer, we don't have to do a mad dash to get ready.  

No longer will there be this constant struggle to get in shape.  Instead, try focusing living a lifestyle that promotes your healthiest body ever.

SnapChat & Instagram stories have granted us access to the intimate lives of millions of people.  One think I've learned from stalking viewing the stories of fit individuals is that their lifestyles demonstrate it.  People who I thought were "naturally thin" often make gym sessions a part of their morning routine.  Even though many of them like to indulge in occasional high-calorie snacks, they tend to eat pretty healthy for the most part.  Another thing I notice is that many tend to live active, busy lives.

I took a minute to reflect on my current situation and realized that healthy habits aren't deeply engrained into my life. That's what Project Summer Body is all about.  It's time solidify these habits for life.  In my reflection, I wondered about the other habits that I've easily established. Maybe I could learn from that and apply it to my fitness journey.

The first thing that came to mind is the habit of scrubbing my feet every day in the shower.  Before instituting that practice, my heals were a mess.  Then, one day, someone said to keep a pumice bar in the shower as a reminder to use it daily.  I tried her advice and it became an instant habit that I've maintained for years.  I ask myself "why did this habit integrate work so well?"

Here's what I came up with:
1. I paired the action with another habit that I already engage in every day (showering).
2. I set a specific time to engage in the action (I scrub at the end of the shower prior to stepping out).

This is what some like to call habit pairing.  It's where you layer a new habit on top of an established one.  How many times have you said to yourself that you're too busy to exercise?  If that's the case, then habit pairing might be the answer you've been looking for.    In my mind, getting in the car and driving to the gym required too much "effort." So I brainstormed ways to layer exercise onto what I'm already doing.  The answer was soon revealed.

Ever since then I've been happily bouncing on my trampoline while catching up on Instagram stories.  I set a timer for 30 minutes and work up a sweat while I'm entertained.  Instead of dreading this event, I happily look forward to it.  It's part of my life now.

This is the first of many steps I'll take towards living a life that results in creating my ideal body. The goal is not to (simply) loose weight, it's to be consistent.  If I remain consistent,  I'll have everything I want.


  1. Happy New Year! I recently started a rebounding exercise program myself, using videos on Youtube and belliconHome. Will be consistent in 2017! I particularly enjoy any of Arnita Champions Youtube rebounding videos. Check them out! High energy, and includes weights and a lot of other exercises that can be done on a rebounder.

  2. I'm sooo over the mad dashes to get in shape for some trip or event. I've been doing that forever, and the older you get, the harder and more wearing the practice is. It's not healthy. I just want to look good all time.
    It takes 2-3 weeks to form a habit, so anything we can do for that long, we can make it a lifestyle.
    Personally, I hate gyms. I've started doing calisthenics right in my bedroom. You can sculpt your ideal body without equipment. One of my favorite moves is the chaturanga push-up which is ALL tricep. Here's an example of a great quick calisthenics.


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