The One Manifestation Technique I'll be Focusing on in 2017

Earlier this month, I urged a friend to watch the Secret Movie for the first time.  She really wants to do big things in 2017 and I figured that watching the Law of Attraction movie was a great place to start.

I too rewatched The Secret (for the millionth time) to see if I could identify one lesson that I'd carry with me in 2017.

As the movie played, I was reminded of the power of thinking positively and focusing on what I wanted to attract.  But there was one concept in particular that resonated with me. And this is what I'll nurture in 2017.
Late into the video, the Law of Attraction teachers urged us to create new feelings which are aligned with what we want to manifest.

It's easy to look at our current situation and view it as separate from the outcome we want to create.  But, in order to attract our desires, we must really resonate with it.  Often times, I just blurt out a goal and hope that it comes true. Unfortunately, I don't put in the work of generating the strong feelings that support it materializing.

I once listened to a 7-hour program on the Law of Attraction.  The guy leading the session spent a lot of time convincing the listener that he and his millionaire friends knew of a secret technique that helped them attract goal outcomes on a consistent basis.

Hours later, he finally revealed their fool proof technique.

Wanna know what it is?

They constantly worked on raising their vibration.  That's a fancy way of saying they consistently focused on feeling good.

I've talked about the importance of feeling good before.  Hopefully, some of you have implemented some feel good routines into your life.  I feel like there are two types of ways one can feel good.

1.) Having a general feeling of happiness & gratitude about your life.
2.) Feeling optimistic about and connected to the specific goals you want to achieve.

Does feeling good automatically make things manifest for you like magic?  Not exactly.  Raising your vibration is essentially the art of creating the ideal environment for manifestation to take place.  If your mind is full of doubt, worry, concern, disbelief, you'll have an upward battle in reaching your goal.  On the flip side, if you are blissfully happy, filled with gratitude, motivation, and joy, it becomes easy to take the right action(s) that create our desired outcome.

Let's use a real-life example.

Before I left my job, I had the intention of working for myself for years.  But it didn't immediately manifest because I carried around feelings of uncertainty and doubt.  Those feelings were strong.  Much stronger than my desire to be an entrepreneur.  So my progress was slow.  Things changed once I realized that I wasn't really feeling good about this intention, even though I said I wanted to experience it.  Once I learned the truth, I dedicated hours towards changing my internal beliefs around leaving the "security" of a job.  By the time I gave my notice, I was 1000% confident in my decision.  I couldn't wait to start my new life! This is a big shift from wanting to quit but not feeling certain about the future that lay ahead.

In 2017, I'm being honest with myself about the goals I have.  Am I vibrating at a level where I am really attracting this outcome?  Or am I expressing one outcome and secretly feeling a different way? For instance, I want a really nice house....but how do I feel about having leaving my comfort zone and taking on much larger expenses?  If there's apprehension, I have to work through that.  This doesn't mean that I ignore reality.  It means that I seek solutions and alternatives that will lead me towards my intended destination.

Think of your feelings as like the bridge that will lead you to where you want to be.  If there's hidden fear attached to your goal, you aren't crossin' that bridge!

We just have to do things a little differently.  We must utilize exercises like visualization, meditation, and the art of belief building to help create alignment.  Whatever you do, don't forget this most important aspect of reaching goals.  Without it, you'll be stuck in place for a long time wondering how to get to the other side.


  1. I belong to Agape Spiritual Center where Dr Michael Bernard Bechwith is pastor, he's also one of the teachers of The Secret, he has many books also.

  2. Jerry, Esther, and Abraham Hicks are the truth! This article is blowing my mind because I spent all weekend talking about them, the secret, and raising my frequency. Thank you for this!

  3. Absolutely. I have yet to read The Secret. But it may be like another book I live by, "Love yourself" by lawrence crane. No matter what is happening around us, there is just absolutely no purpose or point in feeling down on yourself. It also taught me something that blew my mind: The secret to influencing people, attracting people, and getting things, is the give everyone extreme approval (ourselves first and foremost), no matter what they have said, done, or behave. This book was recommended by Lorne Cress-Love, the sister of the late Dr Frances Cress Welsing.


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