The Highest Antioxidant Food In the World will Also Give You Amazing Hair

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When it comes to anti-aging, fighting oxidation should be your number one priority.  Free radicals are the enemy because they promote accelerated aging over time.  Not to mention that certain age-related diseases are also linked to oxidation & free radicals.  Even though oxidation is the devil, it's also a natural by-product of our body's natural functioning.  Just the simple act of breathing creates oxidative stress on our body.

But since we can't just stop breathing, we take a different approach. And that approach involves consuming antioxidants that neutralize those free radicals.  We're pretty familiar with the standard antioxidants on the market like vitamins C & E.  There are also some whole foods known for their antioxidant content.  Health enthusiasts urge us to include blueberries, green tea and leafy greens in our diet.  But no one is talking about the most powerful oxidant fighting food in the world.  This superfood contains far more antioxidants than anything else on the planet.  Nothing compares to its vitamin C content.  You need to know about this!

But don't you worry, I'm here to spill all the details.
Actually, you may have already heard of this fruit, but you may not be aware that it holds the title as the ultimate superfood.  I'm referring to alma (a.ka. Indian gooseberry).  Just one of these little tiny fruits has around the same amount of vitamin C as 30 oranges.  Not to mention that it's also rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E.  In ayurvedic medicine, amla is referred to as a "divine fruit" because of all of its healing qualities.  It's also sometimes referred to as "the elixir of life."  Amla's antioxidant value is far, far greater than pomegranates, goji berries and even acai.

There are a long list of health benefits associated with amla. Anytime I'm introduced to such a high-quality ingredient, I start brainstorming ways to implement it into my daily life.....then I run over to Amazon.   After a brief search, I quickly learned that I could enjoy amla is both powder and pill form.  Amla supplements are interesting but I'm more intrigued by the organic alma powder that I can easily add to my a morning smoothie.

Another possible benefit to having alma in powder form is that we can introduce amla to our hair regimen.  One of my favorite pre-poo treatments (back in the day) was Dabur Amla Oil.  My hair loved that stuff!  Which reminds me, I need to restock.  I think I might try creating a "hair paste" of sorts using amla powder and coconut oil. Amla does produce a mild darkening of the hair so if you have lighter color hair, this may not be for you.  And if you are looking to create darker strands, simply mix in a little amla with henna and you'll enjoy healthy jet black hair again.

If you want to consume amla for internal health, make sure you grab the food grade powder.  Then you can give this powder a try to experiment with your hair.

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