Teyana Taylor's Dance Workout with Vogue is a Work of Art

Teyana Taylor is probably on everyone's vision board as body goals ever since her recent appearance in Kanye West's Fade music video.  Most of us were well aware of Teyana's amazing physique and dedication to fitness.  But her collaboration with Kanye really put her on the map.

Teyana gave us so much fitspo that the team at Vogue reached out to her for a fitness video collaboration.  And, of course, the final product is pretty much work of art. When you're the premier source for all things fashion, it's only natural for you to create a workout video complete with embroidered corsets and 18th-century inspiration.

The short film is a visual masterpiece but it also actually has some great workout moves incorporated as well.  Let's discuss.
In under two minutes, we witness Teyana execute a series of exercises in perfect form.  She starts off with the jump squat.  It's is a terrific move for activating the entire body.   Jump squats are challenging because you're pushing your body weight against the force of gravity. It's a bit more of an aerobic workout than your normal squat which means more calorie burn.
 Teyana then moves on to floor work where she completes push ups and some other moves. Floor work is a great option because you're leveraging your body weight as resistance.  No machines needed.

The "no excuses" workout routine continues as Teyana grabs a couple of fancy looking antique eggs to work on her biceps.  Who needs dumbells when you have hand-painted porcelain decorative pieces lying around?

Finally she literally "jumps" into bed and proceeds to knock out a few situps.  Remember when I talked about working out without having to leave your bed?  Turns out that in-bed workouts aren't only for us lazy folks.  Celebrities with washboard abs do it too!

Overall, the video inspired me to make exercise a priority. You could be chillin' at home or in a hotel far way. It's all about moving your body.  Sometimes we forget that our bodies are works of art.  As we move, we only become stronger.  Let's always remember to move our beautiful bodies so that we too can become #goals.

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  1. The video was silly to me. It made Teyana look talentless, particularly to vogue's audience whose radar she isn't normally on. she's a goddess, definitely. She was so very beautiful to me, from the first moment she came on the scene. But vogue does a lot of suspect things when they do features on AfAm women. Im glad you found something positive in it.


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