Naomi Campbell's Makeup Artist Taught Me the Secret to Perfecting My Mascara Application

Naomi wearing a glamorous sequence dress + diamond accessories
I love watching beauty gurus on Youtube as much as the next guy. Even though they're a talented group of young women, there's nothing that compares to learning makeup application techniques from seasoned professionals.

They offer up simple tips and tweaks that make an immense impact on the final result.  So far I've learned quite a bit from Sir John, the man notorious for keeping Beyonce looking flawless. When I recreated a look from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, I loved it!

This time, I learned the ultimate tip from the woman who's artistry helps to perfect Naomi Campbell's face.
I'm referring to Pat McGrath.  Who is Pat McGrath?  She's a British-born makeup pro deemed by Vogue as "the most influential makeup artist in the world."  The moment I found out who this woman was, I instinctively started digging around to see what I can learn from her.
It just so happened that I would uncover a tip that completely revolutionizes the way I put on mascara.  Maybe revolutionize is a strong term, but that's exactly the way I feel.  If you visit this site frequently enough, you might notice that I often touch on the topic of obtaining longer lashes.

I have what I call non-existent lashes.  They're short and wispy and pretty pathetic.

For a while, I debated getting extensions but I'm scared to death of becoming reliant on them and eventually thinning my already puny lashes.

The answer, in my mind, had to come from the application technique.  I needed to figure out a way to create visible spider lashes from the products I already owned.  My desire for spider lashes comes from a belief that spidery lashes give you the appearance of someone naturally blessed with length.  They make it seem as if you applied a coat of mascara to your already abundant lashes and this was the final outcome.

The intention was set.

It wasn't long before I stumbled on the answer that would change everything!

And all it took was a little tip sent to me directly from the woman works on the most beautiful faces in the industry.

//Pat's no-fail technique is this//

First Pat builds a solid foundation by applying mascara with the intention of separating the lashes.
Once that step is complete, the spider lash creation process begins.  Pat's glorious method is to add extra mascara to the individual lashes but "not necessarily on a comb through." She literally, "dabs" the formula on the lashes. In Pat's words, "you're kinda just painting the lashes."

Painting the lashes!  That's absolutely brilliant!

 The entire time, I was continuously running the mascara wand through the lash which was probably removing the added product from the lash.  Pat essentially wants us to saturate the lash.  It tried it and the results were perfect.  And because I allowed the first layer to dry, there wasn't an issue with overly clumpy lashes.  For the first layer, I used Heroine Make's mascara because the ultra waterproof formula holds my lashes perfectly in place.  To saturate, I applied Charlotte Tillsburry's Legendary Lash. This formula deposits lots of product to create a bold look. It was a match made in heaven.

This is yet another realized intention that I'll jot down in my little manifestation journal.  Try Pat's method y'all! It changes everything!

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