This is How to Keep Your Eyes Looking Younger Forever.

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I was asked via email if I could share a few recommendations for a decent brand of eye cream.  After a few moments of reflection, I decided to respond by writing an entire article dedicated to creating a well-rounded eye care routine.
I'm sure we could all just buy some eye cream and be done with it but I'm suggesting we take a more holistic approach. There's so much more to caring for the eye area than just applying lotion over it.  The eyes are typically the first part of the face to show signs of aging so we have to be a bit more diligent to keep them young and healthy looking.

There's this debate about how we should handle the skin that surrounds the eyes.  A majority of the experts urge us to be ultra gentle around the delicate eye area.  This is because the skin is much thinner than anywhere else on the body.  This makes sense.

But, there's another small group of extreme anti-agers who believe the exact opposite.  Instead of treating the eye area with the greatest of care, they actually massage the skin using firm movements like pinching and kneading.   The theory is that this thickens the skin by causing it to create more collagen in the response.  I've read accounts of folks who used this method and rave about the results.  I subscribe to this way of thinking because it sorta makes sense.  I'm extremely diligent about my pinching massage regimen whenever I see any signs of crows feet.  I also pinch my top lids.  Pinching & massaging them on a regular basis has helped the skin thicken and kept them from becoming too hooded.

If fear strikes your heart at the thought of manipulating the skin around the eye,  then maybe you start with a standard eye massage.  One of my favorite techniques is incorporating Tanaka Massage.  The lymphatic drainage massage helps address your swollen puffy swollen eyes in an instant.  Plus the massage will increase blood flow to the area. Just remember, where there is blood flow, there is life.

One of the little-known secrets to improving the healthy appearance of the eye area is exfoliation.  If I look closely, I can tell the pores around my eyes get clogged from time to time.  That's probably a result of me avoiding getting cleanser in the eye.  We probably all do this to a certain extent.  Which is why it's important to exfoliate.  But instead of using a granular product, try a product with retinol or even retin A.  Or maybe even rosehip oil. They exfoliate by promoting cell turnover (while generating collagen growth).  In theory, these products should also help thicken the skin over time.

Lastly, let's get to nitty gritty of eye care---the creams.  After interviewing my aesthetician and watching consultations from other estheticians online, I give you this one important piece of advice.  Wear your eye cream CONSISTENTLY day and night.

Seriously.  My esthetician shared her own personal story of how diligence with her eye cream routine has helped thicken her upper lid, helping to prevent hooding. I should also mention that this girl is still in her 20's and still noticed a difference.  "I tell people all the time....when using eye cream, you have to do it every day---twice a day."  She went on to say "it takes a while for the product to impact the new skin cells forming below the surface. That's why I also recommend exfoliation to remove the dead skin."  

I watched a video where the esthetician inspected the skin of her client and immediately told the woman, "I can already tell that you're not consistent with your eye cream."  When asked how, she replied, "because you have this gray coloring around your need to use it twice a day." 

There you have folks!  Eye cream is an absolute must both morning and night.

I know that we typically reach for eye creams as the first option but I invite you to consider laying your eye products.  First by using an eye serum, then a cream. The serum will penetrate deeper into the skin than a cream can.   Maybe at night, you layer a serum, cream, and (rosehip) oil. As a result, you'll likely experience a greater benefit than creams alone.

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