Not All Heat Is Created Equal. Why Infrared Heat May Be Your Hair's Best Friend.

Deep Conditioning
I already have several flat irons in my arsenal. But yesterday I made the last minute decision to purchase yet another one.  This new flat iron will come into my life because it's quite different from everything else I own.
For one, this is new iron is 2 inches in width.  I'm hoping this cuts my flat ironing time in half.  The biggest draw that made me click the purchase button is that this iron has infrared technology.  I'm a huge fan of infrared in haircare.  Years ago, I picked up the Jose Eber infrared iron. Basically, it uses infrared technology to boost the effectiveness of your favorite conditioning products.  The conditioning tool works great. But, to be honest, I really don't use it enough.

Spring is fast approaching. Soon, I'll be dealing with excessive humidity and frizz.  I'm looking for something to help seal my cuticle layer.  An infrared flat iron may be just the thing I need.  I sincerely hope that the combination of ceramic plates, infrared light, and the right heat protectant can seal my strands without causing too much damage.

I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that a flat iron with infrared capabilities will give my hair that slight edge.

While researching, I also learned about the existence of infrared hair dryers.  Many of them are referred to as hair processors (used during a coloring treatment).  I'm not fully certain if they actually have the ability to completely dry the hair or if they simply enhance the coloring process by allowing the color to penetrate deeper.  Even if it doesn't fully dry the hair. It seems like a viable option for a "deeper" deep conditioning session.  Infrared uses an inside-out approach which allows the hair to heat evenly.   Basically, it breaks apart the water molecules on the surface of the hair for fast absorption into the strand.  The end result is softer, more manageable hair.

I'm not gonna lie, I want one.  Or, at the very least, I want to experience it.   I've got my eye on a handheld infrared dryer but I rarely blow dry so one of those infrared processing dryers would be ideal.   If I find out that they actually can dry the hair in a healthier way, I'll definitely have one before the year ends.

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