It's Time to Create Your Perfect Weekend Morning Routine.

 Today I came to the realization that I'm missing a critical component of my life.  I'm currently without an established weekend morning routine.  I have a morning routine that I carry out during the week but on the weekend, I just sort of go with the flow. Some of you might be wondering why such a routine is even necessary.

My answer to you is this.....

For most, the weekend is your time. You have full control of it.  There aren't any stresses hanging over your head causing you to rush through your mornings just to get to work on time. The weekend is all yours.  But if you aren't careful, those two days zoom by. Before you know it, you're laying out clothes to wear on Monday morning.

We need to savor our weekends like a delicious glass of wine.  Let's do that by creating the weekend morning ritual.
You are the artist so you can craft whatever ritual you desire.  I'd like my weekend mornings to mimic the feeling you get when you wake up in a luxury hotel.  I want to feel totally de-stressed and pampered.  Here's what I have in mind.

I see myself donning a cute little satin robe on weekend mornings.  Something I could lounge around in while I carry out my morning routine.  I also think a satin robe will be instrumental in helping me to air dry after stepping out of the shower.

Weekends are a perfect time to fit in self-development activities that we don't have time to do during the week.  For instance, I want to start journaling and reading "actual books" again. To save time, I've been speaking my thoughts into the voice memo app and listening to audiobooks.  Saturday mornings would be a great time to draft a real journal entry summarizing the highlights of the week.

Prior to grabbing my journal, I could create the right environment by lighting my favorite scented candle and preparing a cup of green tea.  After enjoying the tea, I'll fill a large glass with lemon/ginger water to sip on over the course of the next hour.

I hate to admit this but I usually postpone shower time on the weekends until later in the day.  Since I usually have nowhere to go, I sense no urgency in taking a morning shower.  I'd like to change this.  If I don't shower first thing in the morning, I'm more likely to lounge around in house clothes all day.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to relax but in order to feel amazing all weekend long, we should treat our Saturday + Sunday mornings with the same amount of reverence regarding personal hygiene as on the weekdays.
One important aspect to enjoying a wonderful Saturday morning is ensuring your home is clean & organized.  When I experimented with scheduling regular maid service, I intentionally requested the maid to come by on Friday.  That way I can enjoy a clean home on the weekend. Best of all, I didn't have to spend ANY time cleaning the house.  The maid doesn't come every week so, on Friday's I'll usually tidy up a bit so I wake up to a clean home the following morning.

Lastly, I'd like to enjoy a breakfast similar to what I would get if visiting my favorite restaurant or ordering room service.  That typically means a veggie omelet, skillet potatoes and maybe some fruit or a croissant.  I came to realize that I never make this breakfast at home even though I always order it when I go out.  That has to change.  Perfecting the at home omelet is on my top list of priorities.

From there, I hope to be operating at such a high vibration that it becomes the perfect time to plan the following week.

If you work hard to create the right morning ritual, you'll feel really good. Don't you dare let those good feelings go to waste!  Many personal development and productivity gurus urge us to plan our week ahead on the weekend. It's a powerful exercise.  When I carried out this advice in the past, I enjoy much less stress during the week no matter how crazy work was.  As you draft your plans, be sure to include NEW ACTIONS.  New actions are what takes us one step closer to our goals.  If we keep doing the same things, we will keep experiencing the same life.  

Lazy weekends are the best but it's also the perfect time to work on any side projects, business ideas or whatever.  Instead of dedicating your weekends to catching up on your favorite shows, use it to create something that could impact your future.  Weekends were instrumental in helping me achieve my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  If you "give up" your weekends for while you'll enjoy the freedom of experiencing every day of the week as if it were a weekend.


  1. *Great Food for thought -If you "give up" your weekends for while you'll enjoy the freedom of experiencing every day of the week as if it were a weekend.
    Love this Post!


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