Manifestation Tip // Turn Your Home Screen Into Your 2019 Vision Board.

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A few weeks ago, a friend shared short videos of a Vision Board party she attended.  Every year, around this time, success-minded women gather together with a stack of magazines in hopes of piecing together various clipped images that represent their ideal life.

Vision boards became wildly popular after the release of the movie The Secret.  This movie came out over a decade ago. Back then, there wasn't any inspiration based social media or websites like Pinterest.  So, of course, magazine clippings were the most viable option.  In my opinion, using magazine images and gluing them to construction paper is an antiquated way to create a visual representation of your desires. 

Let's try a more effective option.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of inspirational images available that closely mirror exactly what we want.  Magazine clippings are ok but sometimes they don't accurately represent the exact experience I'd like to manifest.  In order for to a vision board to be somewhat effective, we have to connect emotionally to the images that we see.  If the images spark emotion and positive feelings, there's a greater chance that it's affecting our vibration.  When our vibration increases, we ignite the attraction process.

Since I wasn't invited to this fancy vision board party, I plan of creating my own vision board that will hopefully take me in the direction towards everything I dream of. 

Here's the breakdown of how to create a vision board that could actually help us achieve our desires.

First, think about all of the goals and experiences that I wish to manifest.  Preferably, experiences I wish to manifest sometime this year.   It's important to select images that align with your goals because remember...we want to evoke emotion. 

Also, we want to be reminded to stay on course.  As I mentioned in a previous post, when a plane travels from one city to another, it is off course most of the trip.  The pilot must perform a series of constant course corrections in order to arrive at it's intended location.  Do you remember the story I told you about the influencer who was selling affirmation bracelets? And how one of her customers sent an email detailing how she was able to manifest tens of thousands of dollars thanks to the help of said bracelets?  My theory is that the bracelets didn't magically create her results.  What I think happened is that bracelets served as a constant reminder of her current goals.  Each time she received the reminder, she worked harder to achieve her outcome.

How many times a day do you look at your phone screen? I can't count how many times I reach for my phone. What if I was reminded of my ideal outcomes each time I pick up my phone?  That's exactly what I want!  Instead of wasting time on social media, maybe I'll be inspired to do something that can alter the course of my life

So how does one create a lock-screen/home-screen vision board?  It's so pretty simple. 
1. Curate a collection of images that closely resemble outcomes you desire.  I suggest using Pinterest, or Instagram for inspiration.  Avoid selecting pretty pictures of things that you don't actually want.  I think this was a flaw of the old way of creating vision boards from magazine clippings.  Use pictures of exactly what you want.  When I wanted to have my dream car, I put an image on my lock screen that looked exactly like I would buy if I came across it.   Try not to use images that are too inspirational.  Meaning, if you'd like to buy a house in the near future, find inspiration of houses you'd actually like to buy.  Sometimes I pin images of mega-mansions but I wouldn't really like to live in one.  My taste is more mid-century modern.  If I use a mega-mansion image, it's not as powerful as using an inspirational house that I'd love to live in.

2. Once your images are selected, use an app to create a collage.  There a bunch of apps available that have this function. You can search the term "collage" in the app store to find your favorite.

Feel free to make more than one vision if you'd like. That way you can rotate them out by season or as you reach your goals.  For example, I may want to create a summer inspo vision board with hairstyles I want to wear, weight loss transformation pics, and style looks I want to wear.    This spring I want to design my back yard so maybe I create backyard inspiration vision board.  That's what's so exciting about this process, it's fluid, dynamic and alive! 

Lastly, it's important that we pair this digital vision board with a process to actually achieve these outcomes.  It's not enough just to look at pretty pics, let's actively engage in the reality creation process


  1. I just did this and I am so insanely excited. I have my actual board in my bedroom. And within a few days of finishing it, things were already starting to manifest.

  2. This is cool to see. I created a vision board and took a picture of it with my phone. It's a large vision board so I can take pictures of different parts of it to refresh my phone visual. That's how I did it. Here's a tip that I learned from someone else re: vision boards - Add great pictures of yourself to your vision board.


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