The Story of When I Conducted the "My Ideal Life" Experiment

Last week, I shared the details of a previous end of year experiment.  One of my favorite experiments of all time was living the life of a Polished Woman.  Shortly after the article was published. I received a comment inquiring about any other experiments I've conducted in the past.  One of my favorite (and most powerful) experiments of all time is the "Living My Ideal Life" experiment.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) states that in order to attract the things we want in our lives, we must utilize certain techniques to raise our vibration.  One of those techniques is visualization.  By creating a clear picture of what we desire, we encourage our unconscious minds to take part in the creation process.  The clearer the picture, the easier it is to believe that this outcome is possible.

Another powerful LOA technique is the pairing of emotion with your visualization/affirmations.  When strong feelings, positive feelings are involved, we increase the likelihood of taking action based on our faith versus fear.  Strong emotions can fuel us into action.  They add a new layer of dimension to our intentions.  The stronger the feelings, the more we attract what we want.  

I've always had the hardest time with visualization and generating strong feelings around my goals.  The only time I was able to visualize clearly was when I practiced it 2X a day.  But that isn't always practical so I had to come up with another way to paint a clear picture that felt incredibly real. 

That's when I opted to try a different approach.

I decided that, in order to really attract at a high level, I would have to recreate my ideal life...but in reality.  

At the time, I had one main goal (or a definite cheif aim as Napoleon Hill defines it).  That one goal was to have full freedom of my time while enjoying a business that supports my lifestyle. 

Instead of using my vacation time to travel, I stayed home and attempted to live out my ideal desired life.  Basically, I allowed myself to wake up at whatever time I wanted then proceeded to carry out my morning routine.  Then, later in the morning I visited the gym.  I purposefully chose to exercise late morning because that's when most early gym goers are already at work.  It was such a freeing experience to enjoy an almost empty gym knowing that I wouldn't have to take any work conference calls. My time was mine. 
Enjoying a meal at one of my favorite places visit while on my "Ideal Life" experiement.
Following the gym, I'd typically enjoy a leisurely lunch at a nice cafe.  This experience represented time freedom but also financial security.  The last thing I wanted to be was a struggling entreprenuer, so I made sure to incorporate experiences of abundance in my experience.  I'd schedule a massage, eat organic salads, and treat myself to little rewards. All of this was done to convince my subconscious mind that I wanted a realify where I didn't have to worry about money.  Whenever I was engaged in a "reality creation activity," I made sure to remain very present and relish every second of it.  Sometimes I would silently repeat affirmations to further reinforce the experience.  

Whenever possible, I tried to work remotely in nice environments.  I always feel good whenever I'm in a beautiful place so I made that a part of the Living My Ideal Life experience.   During that time, I worked diligently on my business, I pretended as if it was already producing a subtantial amount of income.  And, to be honest with you, I reallly started to believe it. 

Let me tell you, it was much, much easier to generate strong feelings of success when I was actually living the life versus just thinking about it on my couch with my eyes closed.  Don't get me wrong, visualization is powerful, but inserting yourself into the experience is on a new level.  

Once the experiment was over, I found myself taking massive action.  After experiencing a taste of what my ideal life was like, I worked even harder to make it a reality.  I wanted to get back to living that life as quickly as possible.  

Some time later, I submitted my resignation. I was ready to fully experience that life again but on a permanent basis.  Keep in mind that I took some bold steps (outside of my comfort zone) in order to prepare for the transition.  I made these moves thanks to the confidence I received from experiencing a small slice of my ideal life.  

This experiment was so powerful that I was able to manifest "My Day of Freedom" into reality.  I'm grateful to now live a life where I have complete freedom over my time.

 I have to repliate this expirement again.  Before the year is over, I'm going to put some thought into which NEW reality I want experience. Then I'll to recreate that picture into real life.  Just because I successfully replicate my desired outcome, doesn't mean that I'll magically get everything I want.  But it does motivate me to put in the work needed to make my vision come true.


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