Adriana Lima Reminds us to Sweat for Faster Hair Growth

As the end of the year approaches, one thing that always pops up in my mind is how I'm going to reach my end of year hair goals.  Unfortunately, the end of year also coincides with the annual slowing down of our hair growth rate.  This means that we've got to work harder if we wish to make huge progress between now and the end of the year.

Today while reading up on Adriana Lima's beauty secrets, I was reminded of a hair growth promoting tip that could give us a slight edge.  In the past, I've shared my theory on how I believe seasonal hair growth rates  may be connected to a slowdown in internal circulation.  It seems like everything slows with the temperature drops.  Part of the reason why our feet get cold in the winter is 'cause of reduced blood circulation to our outer extremities.  

Since we know what lies ahead, it makes sense to  employ strategies to combat the inevitable. Basically, what we want to do is promote adequate blood flow as much possible.  According to Adriana Lima, her hair growth promoting secret is exercise.  Adrianna boldly proclaimed that "the more I work out, the faster it grows!" 

**Let's also remember that Adriana is serious about her water intake which also does wonders for your hair.**

This isn't the first time I've heard exercise touted as a powerful hair growth strategy.  I've read multiple testimonials from women who noticed increased hair growth as an unexpected side effect of their workout regimen.  Not only do your muscles receive the benefits of your hard work, your hair follicles reap the rewards as well.  As mentioned in my last post of this topic, eating healthy while on your workout plan makes a huge difference in your overall results.  Increased blood flow is one thing, but increased nutrient-rich flow is on a new level.  Don't forget to capitalize on the post workout circulation boost which can make a major impact on your hair journey.

While doing my research, I stumbled on this video of a woman who claims to have doubled her hair growth rate in just five weeks post thanks to her Insanity Workout Regimen.   Several commenters cosigned with having the same experience thanks to regular exercise.

If having a toned, fit body wasn't enough. Maybe this might be the motivation we need to get moving again.


  1. This is the perfect additional motivation I needed to stick to my workouts. Maximizing the benefits from the increased circulation with scalp massages and more nutrients is brilliantly simplistic. I will definitely give this a try.

  2. Yet another reason to workout! :) I have been slacking lately. Thanks for the article.


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