3 Things You're Doing that's Slowing Down Your Success

This weekend I ran into a friend of a friend who's working on launching her mobile app.  The concept of her brand seemed pretty solid and I think it has the potential of becoming a successful brand in the future.

After chatting with her in detail, I realized that she has lots of work to do in order to turn her idea into a profitable business.  Her concept is great but I sense there was some hesitation on her part that could stand in the way of her success.

If you're on a mission to manifest your dreams, the best thing you can do is eliminate any obstacle that can keep it from happening.  Unfortunately, most of the road blocks are internal. And if you aren't aware of them, these hindrances will operate in the background, keeping your dreams at arms length.

Waiting is something that I'm guilty of.  Whenever I establish a goal, I tend to take the longest path to get there.  Instead of acting with a high level of urgency and intensity, I take my sweet, precious time.  Most often, I postpone moving forward until I absolutely HAVE TO.  I'm not sure why I do this but it's really evident that I tend to slow my own progress.

But I'll tell you this.

Every time that I finally move forward and take action, I always, always, always, kick myself for having waited too long.  On the other side of actions are new results. I realize that by delaying action, I was postponing an intended result.  Waiting too long to move forward is the direct result of uncertainty.  Uncertainty needs to be dealt with otherwise, it'll turn into full blown fear.  Fear stops us dead in our tracks so before we get to that point, we have to address uncertainty head on.  I suggest that you mentally talk through your concerns from an objective standpoint.  Most of our concerns are absolutely absurd but we won't realize that unless we challenge them head on.

Talking is another behavior that could be hindering your success if you aren't careful.  When I say talking, what I mean is when you replace real action with future promises of what you wish to accomplish.   One way to know if you are engaging in "actionless talking" is if your communication is mainly based on what you want to do versus what you've actually done.

Be careful not to confuse empty words for real progress.  I've done this before.  I love speaking about what I want to create in the future and, honestly, it feels more satisfying than actually doing the work.  When this happens, I just have to remind myself, to refocus on the "doing."  What can I actually scratch off my to-do list?  That's the only thing that really matters.

Doubting is another huge hindrance to our success. It's the source from which all other limiting behaviors are created.  Doubting will cause us to delay our action.  Doubting also keeps us in the "talking loop."   The thing about doubt is that we rarely challenge our self-doubt.  We believe them to be valid concerns so we're likely to entertain them.  Somehow, disbelief in our dreams seems perfectly logical because we tell ourselves that we're trying to avoid negative consequences.

I realize that the goals I have yet to reach are the same ones where I still harbor doubt.  Getting rid of doubt requires work. It won't happen on its own.  You'll have to convince the mind that you are fully capable of achieving this outcome.  The greater you believe in your vision, the faster you will want to experience it as a reality.   This high level of desire will fuel your actions in an unbelievable way.

If you can remove all traces of doubt, you won't have to worry about using words as a substitute for getting things done.  Plus, you'll be so excited about experiencing your vision that you won't even think about delaying action.


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