It's been a while since I've shared a round up of recent purchases.  I've tried to be intentional as much as possible and only buy items that I plan on incorporating directly into regular rotation.  This month, I've stumbled upon some real winners.

Morphe eyeshadow palettes have been on my "Lust List" forever.  When I first tried to purchase the infamous 35O palette, it was out of stock.  So I checked out what else they had to offer.  That's when I discovered two other shadow palettes that I immediately needed.
Morphe's 35N palette is an amazing mix of warm neutrals and beautiful berry tones.  Perfect for fall.  Typically I tend to utilize browns in my crease but I love substituting plums for browns.  It really compliments my skin tone and adds a pop of color without going overboard.  Perfect for an everyday look.  I reach for these shadows quite a bit.
Morphe 35K palette
Before grabbing the 35N palette, I treated myself to Morphe's 35K.  Honestly, this is my dream palette.  Neutrals and dark hues all in one.  With this palette, I can easily create a bold smoky eye or a natural everyday look.  Honestly, I love 35K so much that I almost forget about 35O.  I feel like I have everything I need.  Although I'm completely content, I'll probably still purchase 35O to see what all the buzz is about otherwise, my mind won't let me rest.

Last month, I went on a lip color shopping spree.  After watching a bunch of ColourPop swatch videos on YouTube, I purchased several colors including "Too Lips, LAX (one of my faves), Prim (a bold red), and Limbo. "  I love liquid matte lipsticks because I'm not one of those people who retouches up my makeup. I was looking for something long-lasting and effortless.  ColorPop was a dream come true.

But then....
I found NYX's High Voltage + Turnt Up Lipsticks.  Liquid lipsticks are somewhat drying but I was willing to endure in order to enjoy the color payoff.  Well, NYX has heard my request and created a high intensity, super-long lasting lip color with the hydration that our lips crave.  Best of all, they only cost of few bucks a pop which makes me love them even more.
You guys might remember when I first discovered dpHue.  I've written about their conditioning ACV rinse and their ACV based leave-in.  Literally, I've been waiting my entire life for a professional ACV leave-in. Since I just picked up the leave-in yesterday, I haven't had a chance to officially try it and give my opinion.  Look out for a first impressions post coming soon.

After receiving this comment on my recent post, I immediately purchased Amlactin.

"I've been using amlactin for years, per my dermatologist suggestion. You will definitely notice a difference in your skin texture and there's no comparison to other lotions. During the winter months, though, I do need extra coverage so I layer of the cream on top of the amlactin but I definitely noticed a reduction in my Eczema breakouts and my face is not nearly as dry as it used to be during the winter months."
I'm looking forward to the benefits to come.

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