I Bought Powdered Hyaluronic Acid! Here's What I'm Gonna Do With It.

I don't know about you guys but I've been enjoying my Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid products.  My skin absolutely looks it's best when well hydrated so I made a commitment to make moisture my first priority.

Hada Labo's products are good but I thought to myself, what would make them even better?

I'll tell you what....more hyaluronic acid!

But how is that even possible?
Two winters ago, I experimented with taking a bunch of supplements purchased explicitly for their skin benefits.  One of those supplements on that list was hyaluronic acid.  While purchasing them in capsule form, I made a mental note to eventually try HA powder one day.

That day has now arrived!

On a whim, I went to Amazon and purchased the purest form of HA I could find. Now that my powder is here,  it's finally time to execute my master plan.

Check out all the ways I plan on maximizing my anti-aging beauty powder.

I'm Gonna Eat It!
When time is scarce, I some times will substitute a meal for a protein shake.  Lately, I've been playing around with a recipe that supports healthy hair, skin, and nails.  I'm certain that hyaluronic acid would make a wonderful skin boosting ingredient.  Y'all remember that article I wrote a while back about how Olivia Nunn raved about how eating purple sweet potatoes made her look younger?  That's because those purple yams are chock full of hyaluronic acid.  We know that an entire group of people from the "village of long life" are thriving on these potatoes. I try to eat these potatoes when I can but sometimes it isn't always convenient.  Now I can just add a small spoonful into my smoothie or water and enjoy HA any time I want.

Protip: Because hyaluronic acid quickly binds to water, it's hard to dissolve in liquids.  It clumps almost immediately. Stirring doesn't really help either.  It eventually dissolves over time so I'll add a little to lukewarm water then drink it later once the powder has dissolved.

I'm Gonna Create A Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum
What good is pure Hyaluronic Acid powder if I don't make a super potent serum with it?  The first order of business, now that I have my powder, is to make an all natural hyaluronic serum. One that I can pair with my current faves.  My skin really likes the Hada Labo brand but I want to be extra by pairing them with a highly concentrated serum. Hada Labo uses a hydrolyzed form of HA.  Hydrolyzed means it has a low molecular weight.   The lower the weight means that it might hydrate a bit more deeply than HA powders that aren't hydrolyzed.  A higher molecular weight isn't necessarily bad either.  That just means that the skin's surface will stay hydrated longer....and I'm ok with that.

My strategy is to experience the best of both worlds by pairing my homemade serum with a low molecular weight counterpart and see what unfolds.

Once I've mastered the art of making my own serums, I plan on making a thicker hyaluronic acid gel (by adding a higher concentration of powder to water). At around 20% you can create a thick HA gel ready to moisturize your skin to the max.

What will I be doing with this gel?  Glad you asked.

Here's the plan....

I want to grab a pair of gel eye patches and lace them with my HA gel for maximum impact.  Did you know that reusable under eye gel patches exist?   Paper disposable patches are great but I have a feeling that I can get more bang for my buck by owning gel patches (like the ones above) that I can use over and over again.

I'm Gonna Put It In My Deep Conditioner
Lastly, I'm super excited about adding HA to my hair products.  Based on my test experiments with HA powder so far, I think it would make an excellent addition to my wash routine.  I'm relying on HA's moisture-binding power to transform my moisturizing conditioners into powerhouses. But first I'll start by dissolving a small amount of HA powder into my favorite spray bottle of life.  If you suffer from dry scalp like I do, hyaluronic acid could become a lifesaver.  What if HA mixed with my daily moisturizer helps my hair to retain moisture even longer?  I'm salivating at the mouth just thinking about it.

I'm Gonna Bathe In It!
Well not literally (although I am crazy enough to try). Prior to procuring powdered HA, I was very stingy with hyaluronic acid products.  Basically, I only used them on my face (and maybe the neck).  Now, I can create an HA based solution that I'll use on my entire body.  After showering, I can mist my skin with HA water prior to applying lotion.  I'm convinced that it will boost the moisturizing power of all my lotions and butters.

 I accidentally got some HA powder on my fingers and tried to rinse it off with water.  What happened next was exciting.  As soon as the fine powder on my fingers came in contact with water, it transformed into a hydrating serum. I then proceed to rub that serum all over my hands and marveled at how soft they felt. 

Hyaluronic acid powder has so many possibilities and I can't wait to try them all.

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  1. Please give us an update! I love the idea of customizing your moisturizer.


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