Rave! Meet My New Favorite Beauty Accessory.

When it comes to summer, one thing I really hate is how the hot, humid weather messes with my skin.  My skin gets really congested thanks to all of the oil production, dirt, and dead skin working together to ruin my life. 

One solution that I'm using this summer to address this problem is a nifty little beauty accessory that's been a total lifesaver.
I love finding simple items that directly meets my needs.  Until recently, I thought I owned every type of small bottle to house my liquid beauty products.  I have empty spray bottles, pumps, flip caps and whatever else is out there. 

They're all great!

But one bottle, in particular, is quickly becoming my all-time favorite.

Ladies, let me introduce you to the Toner Bottle

The toner bottle is here to simplify your beauty routine.  Here's why I love my toner bottle so much:

  • The toner bottle is spill-proof!  Toner is expensive and nothing hurts more than spilling your beloved skin balancing toner in your luggage.
  • Because the bottle is spill-proof, it means that I can carry it in my purse/bag.  This is especially helpful on hot summer days when you want to refresh the skin after sweating.
  • I'm calling it a toner bottle but honestly, it's multipurpose and can be used to hold nail polish remover and any other liquid that you don't want to spill.  For instance, if I want to travel with liquid apple cider vinegar. 
Currently, I only have one of these toner bottles in my collection. I'm probably gonna get another pack of 2. One for nail polish remover and the other will hold the toners I blend together to create a super-formula!  

By the way, this is the same style bottle that Glossier uses for their exfoliating toner solution.  So if you already own it, don't throw the bottle away once it's empty.   If you're interested in grabbing one of these nifty bottles for yourself, one thing to be aware of is that some of them are slightly larger than travel size and can hold a good amount of liquid.  Pay attention to how many ounces of liquid it holds before you purchase.  

If you need to upgrade your travel containers cause liquids always spill in your luggage....this is exactly what you've been looking for.  

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