Manifesting Everything You Desire in Your Spare Time


When I was younger, I noticed that television commercials would urge viewers to develop skills to launch a new career in their spare time.  They made it seem so easy to earn a degree simply by reallocating excess time.  The idea of taking on a huge undertaking in just a few minutes a day didn't seem realistic.  

But, this morning I read about a manifestation story that completely supports the theory of changing your entire your spare time. This guy was able to impact his life in a major way.  He did so by supplementing his day with activities that attract abundance.  Thanks to his efforts, he was able to manifest "a ton of money."  

Let's talk more about what he did and how we too can manifest in our spare time.
If someone were to ask me to take on a new endeavor,  I'd probably say that I didn't have the time.  Most of us are probably in the same boat.  We live busy lives and don't have much time to squeeze in anything new.  

But here's the truth.  

Our time is broken down into 2 main segments.  Big Rocks and Little Rocks.  Big Rocks represent the major areas of our lives such work, school, family, chores and other misc responsibilities.  Big Rocks take up a bunch of our time so we sorta assume that they take up all of it.  

In reality, much our time also consists of little rocks.  Little rocks are the moments in between our main responsibilities.  Although this time seems sparse, we actually have quite a bit of it.  One way to confirm that is to take a look at your screen time report for last week.  I'm shocked at how many hours a day I spend on my phone.   Take a quick mental note of your time and determine how many extra moments are available to be captured.

Moments such as:
  • The first 10-15 minutes after you wake up before getting out bed.
  • Your 20-minute drive to and from work.
  • While waiting for your food order.
  • Every 30 second red light you encounter.
  • The last 20 minutes before you drift to sleep.
  • The minute you finish one major task (before jumping to the next responsibility).
  • After you've eaten your lunch but before it's time to get back to work.
  • While waiting for your favorite show to come on.
  • Those are just a few examples.   
Going back to the story about the guy who manifested wealth in his spare time. Basically, the guy looked for any bit of spare time and filled it with activities related to his goal.  He did stuff like listen to subliminal audio, look at images, watch videos, read stories, etc.  He basically filled his world with everything and anything related to what he wanted to experience.  Ultimately, he created an experience where he was immersed in his ideal goal.  According to his friend, the only time he wasn't participating in goal immersion was when he was at work or while asleep.  Months later his vision manifested into reality in the form of financial abundance. The guy sharing the story said this method has also worked for others who replicated his technique.

I conducted a version of this experiment back when I wanted to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. I became absolutely obsessed with the idea of having full control of my time.  ALL of my spare time was dedicated to reaching this vision.  Nothing else mattered.  Four years later, I'm still enjoying the fruit of that labor.   I'm completely on board with the idea of imprinting your subconscious with a clear vision of what you wish to attract through the process of immersion.  

There are a few goals that I'd like to manifest but, to be honest, I haven't put much emotional energy towards raising my vibration to align with what I desire.  Wanting is easy.  But to bring your desire into fruition requires a specific strategy.  If you have a ton of free time, focus on taking action.  But if time is scarce, your next best option is to impact your subconscious mind at every available opportunity. 

Every second counts.

*updated to include the actual conversation online that sparked this post.*

Over the last couple of weeks, I've talked with someone who manifested a ton of money. A few others followed his example and manifested money, and another manifested a 'dream' girlfriend.

I've been reluctant to share the story, and just got on with my own practices, but this thread has made me rethink a bit. In its simplicity, the original person in question listened to mantras, subliminals, read stories, looked at images and watched videos in relation to his goal, and that's all he did whenever he had spare time. I asked the usual things like, 'did you feel wealthy?' 'how did you let go?' He said that he never felt like he had the money, and did get bored of doing the same thing, but he thought that if he saturated himself with his main goal, he'd beat every bog-standard LOA rules given i.e. gratitude, feeling like you have it, etc.' It took him a couple of months, but boom, he won big money, and that was it. Apparently (and this made me chuckle), sleep and work were his ways of 'letting go'. Everything else was in relation to achieving his goal. 

Obviously, that's just a brief outline, but I have thought about it a bit. In a way, he did align himself with his goal but sacrificed his free time to basically imprint his subconscious with everything related to his goal, even if he didn't believe he'd actually have it (at least, that's what he said).


  1. Manifestation is something which I totally believe in, however admittedly don't spend enough time on which frustrates me because I know if I just tried harder, I'll start to see results quicker. This post was the little kick I needed!
    Chloe X

  2. My question is, who is the actual guy that you're referring to?

    Additionally, I can completely see how this would work. There's a man at my Church who give a similar story of how he basically imprinted his mind with wealth to get to his current (extremely wealthy) financial standing. When I asked him how he'd overcome limiting beliefs surrounding attaining money and wealth, he said that he'd constantly listen to sermons, inspirational videos from all types of people incl. Jim Rohn, in order to get in the wealthy mindset. He also used his time of prayer to make declarations like "I DESERVE PROSPERITY IT'S GOD'S DESIRE FOR ME". Very powerful stuff that i'm now going to be more intentional about utilising.


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