IG Beauty Secret -- This Tea Helps Sheneka to "Keep Her Glow."

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I have a tea drawer at home that's chock full of various types of tea I've amassed along the way.  Yesterday, as I reviewed the contents of the drawer, I realized that, aside from bamboo tea, none of the other options on hand could produce external benefits.  Sure, green tea is excellent for overall health, but I'd also like to incorporate other varieties that promote a noticeable glow.

Less than 24 hours after stating my intention to expand my beauty tea collection, I stumbled on a screenshot that I took months ago and completely forgotten about.  The image featured a story shared by Sheneka Adams.  Sheneka is a business owner and "Level Up" coach.  She often shares glimpses into her beauty favorites.  In previous posts, I've featured Shaneka's favorite hand cream and the collagen chews that she loves.

When she first shared her story on how much she loved barley tea, I thought..."that's interesting" but didn't look into it any further.  After checking out what others have to say about barley tea, I was sold.
Barley tea pretty popular in Asian countries.  It's pretty unknown here in the west. Barley is a whole grain that people traditionally eat if they're craving something other than wheat.  Unlike other teas, it's made from grain instead of a leaf.  Like bamboo tea, barely is caffeine-free which makes it easy to drink any time of day.

A quick search online reveals that barely tea contains vitamins A & C.  Both are amazing for healthy skin.  It's also loaded with antioxidants and a few minerals like selenium and melatonin.

That's awesome! But what are the befits? Why does Sheneka swear by it for an amazing glow?

Most notably, the benefits of barley tea include:
  1. Improved digestion.
  2. Increase circulation.
  3. Weight Management.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory.
After a quick review of this non-exhaustive list of the benefits of barley tea, I can see why it could be glow-enhancing.  On top of that, one of the main antioxidants found in barley was shown to prevent the formation of an oxidant that attacks skin tissue (and accelerates the appearance of aging). 

Not only is barley a great tea for healthy skin, it can also help curb carb cravings which will lead to natural weight loss. 

Here are a couple of reviews that attest to the fact:

This tea would really curb my cravings. It also seemed to help me relax, although that could just be the comfort of drinking non-caffeinated tea.  I did notice a lot of positive results of eating differently and drinking this tea, including higher energy levels, no energy crashes after meals, no headaches or fatigue with the diet change. When I ran out of the tea, some of the cravings for carbs came back and it was harder to stick to the healthier diet. 

Love this tea. I started out questioning the taste, have been drinking it every day for over a month, and have grown to really like it. I was out of it for two days, awaiting the shipment, and discovered that it is somehow curbing my carb cravings because I wanted to snack all day when I had just water. But, I didn't snack because I am trying to lose weight. With the tea, no carb cravings! 

I really like this tea, and it makes your skin so nice!

Not really a tea drinker?  Be comforted in knowing that they also offer barley grass powder as an alternative to tea.   Barley grass powder is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie.  And, of course, you can always get barley grass in capsule form that you can take any time, anywhere. 

I think I'll start with barley tea and see where the journey takes me.  I'm curious about the carb craving benefits. And, since I'm drinking more tea nowadays, it should be easy to slip it right into my normal routine.  


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