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Green Tea Benefits for the Skin

The other day I talked about how important it is to engage in activities that promote healthy circulation.  Within the context of beauty, I especially believe in maintaining healthy blood flow to the skin. One of the most powerful ways to stimulate circulation is via a relaxing session in the sauna.   

But I know that not everyone has direct access to a sauna so I'm here to bring you a suitable alternative.  

I am a huge fan of maximum results with minimum effort.  That's why I'm such a proponent of infrared saunas.  All you do is sit there and you'll get to enjoy all the bountiful benefits.  This morning, I learned of yet another way to promote increased circulation to the skin with little to no effort and I can't wait to share it with you.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about a wonderful habit I developed thanks to the purchase of an electric tea kettle.  Because I had easy access to hot, boiling water within seconds, I found myself drinking several cups of tea a day.  As a matter of fact, my commitment to daily tea drinking is what jumpstarted my quarantine weight loss.  

Becoming an avid green tea drinker is something I was deliberate about because I wanted to be the recipient of the long-term benefits.  Little did I know that my tea drinking was also doing something wonderful for my skin.

Ok, so according to a study published in 2011, drinking green tea consistently for 12 weeks has been shown to increase "blood flow and oxygen delivery to the skin."  Those words are like music to my ears.  Not only are you enjoying increased longevity and a smaller waistline, but green tea might actually be a key to healthier skin from the inside out.  

A group of 60 women from the ages of 40-65 were asked to either drink about 1 liter of green tea a day or a placebo.  Halfway through the experiment, and at the end of 3 months, their skin was exposed to UV light (a pro-aging stimulus) to see how their skin behaved.  Wouldn't you know it, the skin of the green tea group showed a greater level of resiliency against the damaging effects of the UV rays.

Another notable outcome of the study is the texture of the green tea group appeared softer and less flaky.  When they measured oxygen saturation and blood flow, they were pleased to find a huge difference between the two groups.  

What caused this to happen?  

They speculate the high flavanol content could be the X factor.  Flavanoids contain high concentrations of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.  Not only do Flavonoids help protect the skin from sun damage, it also has the ability to also help the skin repair itself.  Antioxidants are notorious for their ability to neutralize free radicals preventing further damage to the skin.  Green tea also widens the blood vessels over time which allows more blood to flow more easily.  Get this....you start to enjoy improved circulations as quickly as 30 minutes after green tea consumption (source).  The green tea group also experienced an increase in skin hydration of 17% by week 12 which was the result of an increase in their skin barrier.  

Side note, the women in the control group were also asked to drink the same amount of a placebo beverage daily. They too experienced an increase in the level of hydration in the skin after 12 weeks but their improvement was only 5.2%.  Still an improvement (because of the increased fluid intake) but nowhere near the levels seen by the group that drank antioxidant-rich green tea.  They also ran a short term study where the test subjects were given green tea extract but in capsules.  The green tea capsule group did not experience the blood flow increase benefits like the beverage group.

So there you have it.  Yet another reason to incorporate organic green tea into your daily routine.  The list of benefits keeps growing and it's too long to ignore.  


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  1. Definitely off to buy myself some green tea after reading this!
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