Japanese Towel Method ~ Lose Inches & Improve Posture without Moving A Muscle


One of my intentions for the year is to flatten my midsection. Ideally, I’d like to achieve this result in the simplest way possible. The easier method, the more I'm motivated to get started and stay consistent.

Wouldn’t you know it, I just happened to stumble upon one of the easiest ways to flatten and tone your tummy ever. It’s called the Japanese Towel Method and some claim that it actually works to flatten your stomach without you having to move a muscle.

This flat tummy technique was developed by a Japanese doctor who recommended this to his patients with back discomfort. But a welcome side effect of this stretching technique is a leaner midsection. The doctor who developed this method believes that poor posture contributes to the look of a swollen midsection.  A correction in our posture can create a leaner physique overall. 

The movement involves merely lying flat on your back while placing a rolled-up towel on the lower part of your back. Next, you point your toes together so they’re touching.  Finally, you lay your hands flat behind your head making sure the pinky fingers touch.  Then you just lay there for five minutes and enjoy the relaxing stretch.

The theory is that this Japanese tower exercise may correct the pelvis placement which could lead to a smaller waistline.  Do I think the Japanese towel method will result in any weight loss?  For some, it has.  Even those who don't experience weight loss rave about how much it’s helped with lower back issues and improving posture.  

We’ve all stood in front of the mirror and straightened up our posture and noticed how that makes a difference in how her body looks. Now Imagine training your body to maintain that posture all the time. 

I completed my first towel session this morning and walked away from it feeling a bit more energized. I even threw in a few yoga stretches since I was already laying on a mat.   To make this method even more powerful, I opted to meditate while I laid in silence to tack on some cognitive benefits.  Starting tomorrow, I'm extending the time from 5 minutes to around 10-15.   

 Give The Japanese towel method of try for 10 days.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.  If you have any pre-existing back issues, please consult your doctor to make sure you can do this challenge safely and comfortably.  

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