Watch This Manifestation Video and Learn How to Create Your Future.


This year,  I really wanted to hone in on my ability to manifest.  Whenever I want to improve a skill, I seek out others who've achieved what I desire.  Today we're going to study the manifestation testimony from a young lady who lives in her dream home in Bali.

I love drawing inspiration by the experience of others. Being inspired essentially means that we're "filled someone with the urge to feel or do something (creative)."  So let's learn from her story and be inspired to create our own manifestation success. 

The video beings with a short tour of her serene villa oasis.  But before allowing us a full viewing of her dream home, she gives us a little backstory of how everything came to pass.

"I literally manifested this villa"

Right of the bat, we're introduced to her manifestation journal.  If you aren't familiar with the concept of a manifestation journal, I suggest you check out the articles that I've written here, here, and here.   In the video, she reveals that she wanted to find a new place to live but had trouble committing to a single location for her home base.

Finally, she made a decision.

Often, in our manifestation journey, we create desires that look and feel a lot like wishes.  We often wish for or hope something positive happening to us instead of making a clear decision about what we want. 

Once she made the decision to move to was done. The direction of her life had been set.   In her words, "manifesting is just a matter of deciding and then, that's's done."

Write the Down the Vision and Make it Plain. 
Her next move was to break out her trusty manifestation journal to list out everything she wanted her dream home to have.  I was really impressed with the level of detail of her list. I've made lists of desires before, but I don't think I ever got that specific.  This is something I will absolutely work on. 

A detailed list is great, but she takes it a step further and actually drawing out a floor plan on her future home. As she walks through her simple sketch, she tells the audience to remember details because when we see her actually home, we'll be amazed at clearly her drawings came to life. 

From there, she took the next step in the "thoughts become things" process.   She contacted a friend, who happened to live in Bali, to let her know exactly what she was looking for.  This transformed her intention from an idea into action.

Wouldn't you know it, her friend sends her a video of a villa which was a 3-D version of the manifestation journal sketch.   This prompted her to take the next step by making a payment and beginning the moving process. Everything worked out as planned and now she lives in the home of her dreams.

This manifestation journal story is great but it only gives us a glimpse into the journey that lead her here.  I scoped out a couple of her other videos and learned that she invests a lot of time into a morning feel-good routine. The routine involves activities like meditating, prayer, journaling, reading, enjoying her favorite tea, and listening to the law of attraction teachings.   She invests about 2 hours into creating the feeling of uninterrupted bliss.  I'm sure this had a lot to do with how she was able to manifest exactly what she desired with very little resistance.  Essentially, she made sure to become a vibrational match to her intention and the rest was history.

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