Thoughts Will Not Become Things Unless You Do This.


One of my favorite, most memorable phrases from The Secret Movie is when Mike Dooley looks directly into the camera and dramatically tells the audience that "thoughts...become...things."  That was one of the most powerful statements I’ve ever heard. It also helped change the paradigm of how I viewed the act of creation.

If one would simply think the right thoughts, they could essentially experience that thought into reality.  I believed Mike 100%, but as time went on, and I practiced the law of attraction for myself, I realized that his statement was only partially correct.

Thoughts aren't a thing.  It’s an opinion or an idea that resides only in the mind. Thoughts don't automatically become things.   If repeated over and over, thoughts become a pattern of thinking. Thought patterns have the potential to influence our actions and that's where the magic happens.

In order for our thoughts to have power, they must move beyond individual isolated ideas and become repeated thought patterns.  If we keep repeating the same thought pattern, we start to believe it.

Let’s say, for example, you think about how great it would be to start a business this year.  You entertain the idea for a little while and play around with the possibility that your side hustle has some potential. 

 Will that thought become a thing?


But some things must take place first and order for this idea to materialize.

As soon as we have a creative thought, we can focus on other thoughts that support our ideas or dismantle them. Either we nurture that thought, or we allow it to starve.  Things like researching the costs of start-up purchasing, domain names, and setting up a business account or actions that support the livelihood and potential of your original thought.

Rarely do thoughts materialize without the implementation of action that creates it. Otherwise, it maintains its status as an idea and nothing more. Think about all the ideas you’ve had over the years that never turned into something real. It's because we didn't feed and nurture our intention so they withered away.  

Every goal you set for yourself for this year will probably remain a thought unless we take the steps to move it into reality. Step one is simple--keep that thought alive by visualizing, daydreaming, and planning in your mind.  Once it develops into a belief, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Now we align our thoughts with our actions.  

Aligned action is just that. You line up the things that you do with the thoughts and desires you have.   Action comes in many forms. Some actions have a greater potential of altering your reality than others.  I suggest that you start with the smallest actions first because small actions offer the least amount of resistance. Then we must slowly and consistently elevate our actions over time.  I had the intention to lose some weight gained over quarantine. To bring that thought into reality I took the smallest action with the least resistance. This concept is crucial because resistance has the ability to kill our thoughts and dreams.  From there I began to include even more activities that helped further impact my reality. Soon I found myself 10 pounds lighter. But, if I want to lose the last 5 lbs, I have to adjust my action accordingly.

So if you actually want to experience the ideas you think and daydream about, start by identifying what you can do today to make it real. Once your reality starts to materialize, continue to implement the right action that moves you even closer.  

To become a masterful creator, all we have to do is perfect the art of turning thoughts into things.  View your thoughts as tiny seeds that need to be nurtured and developed into something great.  Consistently build congruency between your thoughts and actions and you will experience everything you desire.

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