This Cheeky Glow is Absolutely Everything. Here's Exactly How to Create it.



Weekends are the perfect time to experiment with new makeup looks.  With only a month or so left in winter, it's not too early to start fantasizing about warm summer afternoons.   I long for the day where we can expose our entire faces in public again. When that day arrives, I'll be rocking a cheeky glow.

You might ask yourself, what's a cheeky glow?  It's a state of existence where you appear to be blushing and glowing all at once.  It's absolutely mesmerizing and I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it. 

When I came across this image of Cynthia on Instagram, I was obsessed. Her makeup look features a nude glossy lip and a bold cat-eye.  But what captivated me most was the glow on her perfectly sculpted cheeks.  

It wasn't just any run-of-the-mill glow achieved by simply swiping on a bit of highlighter, Cynthia appeared to be blushing.  If you study her face, you'll notice a hint of color radiating beneath her glow.  

I had to know more about the technique that led to this display of perfection.  

Ok, so how do we try the blushing glow for ourselves? 

In my attempt to recreate this look, I tested it out using two products:

1.// Glossier Cloud Paint (Spark)

2.// My favorite highlighter 

That combination worked beautifully but I wasn't sure how closely my technique mirrored that used on Cynthia herself so I did some digging.  Thankfully, Cynthia tagged her makeup artist who just so happened to have her signature cheek technique featured in her story reels.  

Let's take a peek....

In her Glowing Skin tutorial, Serena gives us a quick rundown of how to replicate her signature glowy cheek.  Just as I suspected, pairing a cheek tint and highlighter is the key to blushing and glowing all at once!  Combining these two products helps to build out a more natural-looking finish compared to using a highlighter alone. 

Go try this technique for yourself.  

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