From Capsules to Capfuls// Should We Transition Away from Vitamin Capsules for Greater Results?



Today’s discussion is inspired by an article I published recently.  The topic was about how drinking green tea was shown in studies to promote increased circulation and blood flow to the skin. That discovery was exciting enough but while researching I came across one interesting note made by the researchers that I thought needed to be discussed further.

In the study,  researchers also compared a group that drank green tea in liquid form versus those that took green tea extract in capsules.  As expected the green tea capsule group did not compare with those who drank green tea in liquid form.  Their levels of antioxidants and other active compounds found a  much lower than the green tea drinkers. 

Earlier this week, I was on Amazon checking out reviews of a supplement I was interested in.  This supplement was developed specifically to help promote clarity and mental focus. One of the reviewers stated that they weren't experiencing the same level of results with supplements as they did when taking it in powder form.   

 I previously purchased the supplement in powder form for my mother.  Each morning, she'd add a couple large scoops into her morning shake. During that time, my brother and I  noticed a huge improvement in her focus, clarity,  and memory.  Sometime later she switched to supplements for the convenience factor.  As time went on, she began to experience a slight difference in her mental performance.  Now she's going back to the powder so can increase the dosage and improve her personal results. 

Mom's experience and the observations of the green tea study reminded me of the topic of collagen loading.  Collagen loading is the premise that, in order to experience peak external results, we should consider really increasing our collagen dosage.     

After a moment of reflection, I began to reevaluate my supplement routine.  There are supplements that I take purely for their nutritional content (like my multi-mineral complex for instance).  Then there are supplements that I consume because they provide clear external benefits.  This year, I'm taking on a new strategy for those supplements I'm taking primarily for external benefits.    

Ideally, I'd like to either increase dosage or delivery method.  For instance, instead of taking vitamin C capsules, I'm transitioning to liposomal C.  I've talked at length about how liposomal C can transform your skin from the inside.  Because vitamin C is water-soluble, there's little risk of adverse effects from consuming C in liquid form.   Let's not forget about women who took large dose MSM for 16 weeks and experienced a measurable reduction in wrinkles.   I also think a lot about the difference in my results when I took fish oil in spoonfuls vs. capfuls.  

When making the decision to transition to taking larger doses of some supplements, safety must be top of mind.  This means researching any contraindications, side effects, etc.  This also means not going overboard with dosage because not every supplement is meant to be taken in higher quantities. 

 It's all about taking a strategic approach to our supplement regimen.  Ask yourself, is it more beneficial to take a couple wheatgrass supplements or drink a shot of wheatgrass juice?  Should we drink cups of green tea or swallow a few green tea capsules?   Don't get me wrong, capsules are affordable and convenient.  But, if you're looking for maximum results, it might be time to graduate from capsules to capfuls. 

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