The Supplement Proven Eliminate Eye Wrinkles 16 Weeks (..and it's not collagen).

Wearing protective face masks every day has really caused me to finally focus on the part of my beauty routine that I've been pretty much eyes.  When the bottom half of your face is covered up, all attention land on our eyes by default.

At my big age, I should have a robust anti-aging routine for my eyes.  But I don't.  Sure, I rub a little facial moisturizer into my eye creases, but that's about it.  Before I invest hundreds into eye creams, I thought I'd take an internal approach instead.

Thankfully, I've stumbled on a supplement proven to improve eye wrinkles in weeks....
I'll give you a hint, it's not collagen.  Sure, collagen is great but there's another wrinkle-fighting powerhouse you should absolutely know about.

Actually, probably are already aware of this supplement but may have forgotten all about it thanks to the collagen craze that's taken over.  I'm not here to bash collagen.  I'm here to remind you that MSM has been clinically proven to reduce facial wrinkles in weeks.  MSM is a sulfur-containing compound found naturally occurring in our bodies.  Supplementing with MSM can provide a wide variety of beauty and health benefits.

Today, we're focusing on the skin health potential of MSM.  

A study was done where participants were divided into groups of 2.  Group 1 consumed three grams of MSM daily for 4 months (16 weeks).  The conclusion of this study proved that taking MSM daily for 16 weeks resulted in a huge reduction in eye wrinkles.  That's pretty exciting news but I was a little concerned with having to take 3 grams of MSM daily.  Most MSM supplements on the market are about 1000 mg (1 gram) per serving.  

Just because the study participants took 3X the recommended dose doesn't mean that you have to take it to that extreme.  Why?  Because a second study took place where those involved consumed 1 gram (1000 milligrams).  Instead of being pitted against a group who took a placebo, they were compared to women who took 3 grams of MSM. The good news is that both groups experienced a reduction in the number and size of their facial wrinkles.  By the way, the wrinkles they specifically measured were crow's feet.  

So basically, if you supplement with at least 1gram of MSM consistently for 16 weeks, you're likely to experience a noticeable difference with eye wrinkles. I suspect that results would improve even more if coupled with a powerful eye serum.

MSM is one of those supplements that benefit the body in multiple ways which may account for why it takes months to see results.  My theory is that certain minerals are distributed throughout the body in order of importance.  Since MSM is a critical component in bone and joint health, it's probably allocated to our internal framework before we experience external (skin) benefits.

Just because the 3 mg/day group showed increased anti-aging benefits doesn't mean that you should start off with taking 3X the recommended amount.  MSM can come with some side effects.  People react to it differently so if you want to incorporate MSM into your routine, start slow and build up. 

My plans include adding a pinch of powdered MSM (and bamboo silica) to my homemade collagen drinks.  Along with that, I'm going to experiment with applying MSM topically as a skin booster.  Years ago, I wrote this article about the infinite number of ways to incorporate MSM into one's beauty routine.

Next on my list of projects is to make this very simple, very effective MSM eye serum to pair with internal supplementation to really keep those eye wrinkles at bay. 


  1. interesting - i never thought to use MSM topically. Ive been using it as a supplement for a few years now but I really need to step up my dose. great reminder.

  2. I live for collagen (NOW Beef gelatin/seamoss) in soup/tea/coffee and bamboo powder extract, vitamin C & MSM in water/juice (without vit c added to tea/coffee). All in a smoothie. Can't imagine life without it. Each needs the other because I didn't see OBVIOUS results til I used ALL of them through out the day. From my experience, if I had to choose 1, I'd keep vit c. A pair: vit c and collagen...but I don't have to choose.

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve had msm in my diet. I fell off. Hard. Thanks for the great reminder


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