Let's Talk About What Happens When You Step Out In Faith.


Not long ago, I wrote an article sharing the story of a woman who manifested her dream home in Bali. Within days of writing the article, an old friend reached out to catch up.  During our phone convo, I asked her to fill me in on what she's been up to for the past year. 

It turns out that her life has been on a positive trajectory for the past year.  When we last spoke, she was trying to gain her footing as a new entrepreneur and decided to move back home with her family to limit monthly expenses.   At one point was contemplating even selling her car. 

Fast forward to 2021 and her situation has completely turned around.  She has multiple clients and is ready to move into her dream apartment next month. I bet you're wondering how she went from crashing at her parent's place to moving into an apartment near downtown.  

Simple.  She followed the exact same formula as I shared just days ago. 

Let's discuss.

If you recall from the Manifest Your Dream Home article, there were a few key takeaways on the manifestation process that we can apply easily in our own lives.  

As I was listening to my friend's story, it didn't take me long to realize that she had followed the same exact manifestation process to a tee! 

Like the woman who drew the exact replica of her dream villa in Bali, my friend created a digital image/mood board of what type of place she wanted to live in.  My friend made certain to emphasize that her rendering and the actual apartment she leased were so similar, it was scary.  

During our convo, my friend kept repeating the same phrase over and over again..."once I made the decision."  Does that sound familiar? This is exactly how the woman in the YouTube video began her manifestation journey. 

 Once a decision is made, the manifestation process begins.

My friend explained that applying for the apartment was "an act of stepping out in faith."  It's taking a step towards where you want to be without having all the details fully figured out yet.  When my friend made the decision to move out on her own again, she was banking on her savings and a few odd jobs for financial support. But once she stepped out in faith, and secured the apartment, clients and projects suddenly began contacting her out of nowhere.  

I genuinely believe in the concept of stepping out in faith. When I first left corporate America 5 years ago, I was not making enough income from my business to support my lifestyle.  I did my best to save as much as I could then I took the leap.  Everything worked out in ways that I could never imagine.   In the early years of running my business, when sales were slow, I would sometimes buy more inventory as an act of faith signifying that I was ready for greater sales.  This somewhat risky move always worked out for me. 

While listening to my friend share her story, I took the opportunity to look introspectively for any areas in my life where I currently need to step out in faith.  A few ideas quickly came to mind. Then came a little bit of internal resistance.  To combat the resistance, I thought about all the possibilities that could happen if my act of faith was rewarded.  Stepping out in faith does not mean acting recklessly.  We still weigh the pros and cons. We still prepare for the realities of our decision but we move forward with optimism that our decision will open the door for new blessings.  

If you're feeling like things have been a bit stagnant, please consider moving further away from your comfort zone and closer to the realm where possibilities exist. 

The act of stepping out in faith is like send out a signal that affirms that we're ready to experience the next level.  In my business, I  am too hands-on with some responsibilities.  My business can not scale in a massive way unless I outsource some of these duties.  There's obvious resistance because I save money by doing it myself, but at the same time, I'm standing in the way of continued growth.  If I were to outsource those tasks, I'd be affirming my readiness to experience greater growth and abundance.  

That is what stepping out in faith is all about.  It's the act of aligning yourself with the expectation that more awaits you on the other side of the door.  All you have to do is open and walk through it.   

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