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Here we are, in the midst of a new weekend. But this isn't just any weekend.  It's the first weekend of 2021.  To commemorate, I'd like to share a lifestyle design ritual I've implemented in the past that I'll be bringing with me into the new year.  

This ritual was born out of my desire to incorporate an action component to my feel-good routine.  I wanted to really raise my vibration before the start of a new week. The only way to do this was to invest part of the weekend into the deliberate act of creation.  

Creation simply means bringing something new into existence as a direct result of my direct actions.  Creating a new outcome before the start of the new week almost guarantees that your week will be a good one.  We only get 52 weeks a year and if we make this weekly creation process a ritual then we have the potential to create 50 new outcomes in our lives.  

The act of creation doesn't have to be a huge undertaking.  All that's required is for you to make something exist that wasn’t there before.  Let's talk about a few examples. 

In one scenario,  we can spend the entire weekend relaxing and catching up on your favorite shows, by the time Monday arrives you enter into the new week where nothing has changed.  That’s because we haven't done anything to change it.  This increases the possibility of the week ahead looking and feeling very similar to the recent past.  

But what if, instead of spending two full days relaxing on the couch, you decide to dedicate 1 to 2 hours cleaning out your fridge and meal planning for the week ahead.  Now you are participating in the act of creation.  Basically, you are creating an opportunity for you to experience a healthier week and a healthier body.  If you pack five meals for the week ahead you have essentially created a new habit for yourself for this week.  And you’re guaranteeing that the week ahead will be very different from the week(s) prior.  

Whenever I participate in this weekly creation ceremony my goal is one or two small activities to differentiate this week from the next. Tackling a small DIY project is a great way to engage in the act of creation. My favorite creation activity typically involves improving the look and feel of my space,  I find that when my environment is improved my entire vibe is different.  This weekend I decided to do some small updates in my bathroom to change the look and feel.  Next weekend I’ll dedicate a little time to building out my studio office space.  The goal isn’t necessarily to complete the entire project in one weekend, just enough to create a small shift in the overall vibe.  

By the time I wake up on Monday morning, I can look around my environment and feel the difference thanks to the actions I took over the weekend.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t relax and enjoy your time off but consider setting aside a couple hours and dedicate it to building or creating something new for the week to come.  Even if those actions tiny they will compound over time as long as you focus on consistency. 

  If you dedicated an hour and a half towards your biggest goal this weekend, by Monday you would be one step closer to realizing that goal.  You also create a springboard of sorts that prepares you to experience a great week ahead.  

 A little bit of effort may not feel like much but, trust me, everything you do adds up.  Better yet everything you do compounds and multiplies.   If you’ve set financial goals for yourself in 2021 reality creation activity could be setting up a weekly savings goal to focus on weekly for the rest of the year. There are no wrong answers when it comes to the weekend creation process.  Whatever you decide to do will make a difference.

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