Nikki Hall Introduces Us to this "Life Changing" Lip Exfoliator.

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 I have a few lip scrubs that I barely use.  Something about rubbing microbeads across my lips with my fingers doesn't really appeal to me.  I felt like I could never master the technique. Should I scrub really hard? Should I lightly exfoliate? 

Once mask requirements became a thing, I pretty much gave up on exfoliating my lips altogether.  

But now I'm inspired to create soft, supple lips again thanks to an Instagram beauty reveal by Nikki Hall. 

Nikki is a model, influencer, and girlfriend to DJ Pauly.  She's also a fantastic cook who often posts stories of her delicious at-home meals.  This weekend, she decided to bless us with a glimpse of her lip exfoliation routine.  

To start her lip routine, Nikki shows up a small jar of Peaches & Cream Lip Scrub by Too Faced.  Then she introduces us to what appears to be an odd-looking toothbrush.  But it's no tooth's a lip brush!

But instead of bristles, it features a silicone textured head, not unlike the silicone face scrubbers that recently gained popularity.  I've seen people use a toothbrush for lip exfoliation but these lip brushes were made for this!  

Check this review out:

I absolutely love everything about this lip exfoliator. It is so easy to clean - I take mine in the shower to deep clean it and use it to exfoliate my face creases.
When using it on my lips I see and feel such drastic results. Not only does it do a great job of removing the dead skin making my lips super soft it actually helps my lips plump up more than using a plumping gloss.
I've used this every day since I got it (4 months ago) and honestly don't know how I survived before.

Did you notice how she said that also uses this tiny exfoliating brush on her face?  Think about all the areas where your skin can benefit from detail-oriented exfoliation.  One reviewer mentioned using this brush to get rid of texture and blackheads on her nose.  I love this woman's idea of exfoliating the areas where her face creases. I most certainly will use mine on my smile lines and other areas where makeup is likely to collect.  I also tend to experience flaky skin around the sides of my nose.  This mini silicone brush might just become my secret weapon.  

By the way, they offer these lip brushes in packs of 2, 3, or 4 so you can assign certain colors to your lips and others for your nose, chin, or other areas where you tend to get whiteheads/blackheads.   To me, this product is a no-brainer.  It's inexpensive and can be used in multiple ways.  

Can't wait to try them! 


  1. I just slather on some vaseline before i go to bed and use a corner of dry paper towel to remove it when i wake up. what a waste of money.

    1. Glad you found a simple solution that works. I picked up the lip scrubbers and I love them. They do an excellent job of exfoliation areas of the face beyond my lips. Highly recommend.

  2. I blame you for constant Amazon/Sephora orders! lol


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