These Silicone Face Scrubbers are Putting My Clarisonic to Shame

Skin Care

 I'm here to sing the praises of my newest facial cleansing tool.  Those of you who are long-time readers of the blog know that I'm obsessed with facial tools...the fancier the better. 

Until recently, I was primarily focused on finding the most technologically advanced skin care tools on the on market.  That was until I was introduced to a low-cost beauty accessory. 

You may have remembered the article I wrote after discovering silicone lip scrubbers.  Since they were only a few bucks, I didn't hesitate to order on.  After trying the nifty lip exfoliation tool for the first time, I was hooked.  

After using a lip scrubber to create ultra-soft lips, I grabbed another one and used it to scrub my nose, chin, and other areas where my pores need a little more attention.  The results were fantastic!  It felt like I was really able to address the hard-to-reach areas like never before.

Although the lip scrubbers were great, I returned to Amazon in search of a similar tool that was meant for larger areas of the face.  I found these for a few bucks and immediately purchased.  Let me tell you.... these little handheld scrubbers did not disappoint!

Because they cover more surface area than the lip scrubbers, I was able to use them liberally on my check area where I suffer from most breakouts.  Because this isn't an electronic tool that tells me when to move on to a new section, I can take my precious time and fully practice the 60-Second Rule.  

I also feel more inclined to use my face scrubber in areas where I hesitate with my Clarisonic.  For instance, I used to have these tiny little bumps near my undereye.  I suspect this had to do with the fact that I avoided getting too close to my eyes with the Clarisonic.  When I use my silicone scrubber, I have no fear.  The tiny "bristles" are soft and flexible so I put them to work where I need them most.    

The best part about my new cleansing tools is that they also exfoliate!  Not only is my skin clean but it also feels softer and smoother.  Here's a review I saw on Amazon that describes exactly what I mean.

Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2021

Color: 2ed-Pink+PurpleVerified Purchase
Works like a charm, smoother skin, takes make-up off instantly, very gentle, but highly effective. My skin so clean and polished with a radiant glow. They do what they promise to do. High quality they do not fall apart fits in your fingers and hands. Use in a circular motion to remove dirt and grime. This is good for all types of skin and isn’t abrasive my face and lines look less pronounced and people ask me did I have a facial or skin treatment. Lovely product that works and a must-have!!!!

Typically, if I go too long without cleansing with my Clarisonic, my skin becomes really congested.  But ever since these silicone scrubbers came into my life, my cleansing routine has been saved.  When Clarisonic went out of business, I was afraid of what would happen to my skin if my device ever clunked out.  Because I used these scrubbers regularly, I'm basically extending the life of my Clarisonic.  These little scrubbers are also very travel-friendly. No need to pack a fancy gadget.  No need to keep investing in replacement brush heads.  

They are such a great little find. 


  1. I bought the silicone scrubbers from Dollar Tree some time ago, but had no clue of their full potential. Thank you for another beauty lesson!

  2. How often do you use the silicone scrubber on your face and with what cleanser? And how often do you use the silicone scrubber on your lips?


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